Calling Olympe owner!! Opinions on GM versus PM Nimbus

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  1. So I just saw the Olympe Nimbus in Anthracite today IRL and I am in LOVE:love:. But, I wish they made a size between the PM and GM....what's a girl to do??? I am 5'7" and 118 lbs. Which bag do you suggest and why? I am really on the fence on the size because the GM is fantastic for all day every day, but the PM can transition into the evening.....sigh, please help, Thanks!:flowers:
  2. I think the gm is way too big. I am 5"6' and have the gm and I love. Have you tried them on to compare.? Maybe that will help make your decision easily. It's a great bag.
  3. I vote for the PM too...I find the GM too large for my needs:yes:
  4. I have the PM and although I do love it i find it really too small to carry al the things I usually do. I honestly do actually wish I got the GM instead! I say go for the GM! Oh BTW I'm only 5'1" but adore big bags!
  5. I have PM and it's absolutely perfect for me. A lot roomier than you'd think.
  6. i have PM and i'm 5'5"

    why they don't have MM?
    0922nim2.jpg 0916nimbus3.jpg 0908nimbusmanhattan.jpg 0908nimbusin2.jpg 0908nimbusin3.jpg
  7. I have the anthracite GM and I actually prefer this size over the PM. I had initially waitlisted for the PM and my SA already had rang up the sale, but when I went to pick it up, I was actually disappointed in the size since I couldn't put all my stuff in it. When I tried on the GM, however, it was LVOE, LVOE, LVOE! LOL I love the way it slouches and I ordinarily don't like slouchy bags! Go figure!

    I say go try both of the sizes on and bring everything that you would like to carry in it. You'll be able to determine which size is the best for you. Good luck!!
  8. I'd go for the PM, but if you can try them on, do it before buying. Everyone's tastes are different.
  9. I think the PM would be adorable, although I have only tried the GM. On me, the GM looked like a saddle, it was so enormous! (I'm 5'6" and athletic and generally, I don't think anything looks big on me!)
  10. :lol: A Saddle! That's hilarious! I can't look at these bags w/o thinking of this now and I want one BAD!!!
    I want to try both on before I make a decision though. I'm 5'7" and have a medium build.
  11. I've only ever tried on the GM....but I loved it! Although I'm partial to bigger bags!
  12. PM, I think there gm is too big for your tiny frame!