Calling NYC/Brooklyn ladies

  1. Where are there good consignment shops/used clothing shops that might have nice designer stuff at good prices? A friend of mine came here today and he had a pair of Michael Kors jeans on that he said he got at a consignment shop in the city (I live in Brooklyn-but, in one of the nabes 20 minutes from Manhattan)-they were brand new and only $20.00! They looked great on him!

    Funny side note-he said he was there with his wife and she found them and he said to her "I didn't know the beer company (he was thinking Coors :P ) made jeans". he said she said looked at him like he had 2 heads-LOL!

    Anyway-where do you go? I have a Beacon's Closet right near me-but, every time I go in there, I feel like I should have a cane :lol: Remember, I am not as young as most of you-I would mainly be looking for bags, denim, dresses appropriate for a woman my age (41).

  2. I heard housing works has some great vintage purse pieces. The great thing about it is that all the proceeds go towards AIDS research. That's the only one I've heard about. They're all over NYC. Hope this helps