Calling Motley Crue Fans!! I need help!

  1. Alright I need to find a song by Motley Crue....

    Recently one of m managers passed on and his favorite band was Motley Crue and my friend needs to find a good song to go with his slideslow. What would be a good song to fit the situation??:confused1:
  2. Dr. Feelgood. It's a 90's Motley Crue song. It is about drugs, though.
    Home Sweet Home is good. I like Kickstart My Heart, too. Smokin in the Boys Room and Girls, Girls, Girls are classic 80's songs.

    Perhaps you want to chose something that would be appropriate for the content and audience of the slideshow.

    I was a fan, what can I say. Loved hair bands back in the day.
  3. oh noo. first of all i send my condolences :sad:
    i listened to some motly crue's songs but not too familiar with all of them though. i have no idea what song would fit the situation :sad:
  4. coming home or going home. its a song about the road but would probably be appropo.
  5. Home Sweet Home might be the most fitting and would make a nice homage. I was a HUGE Crue fan back in the day. :rochard:
  6. thats the song I was trying to remember!

  7. This is so freaky I listen to my iPod on shuffle and that was the last song that played.