Calling MJ Experts!

  1. Hi everyone,

    Am hoping the MJ experts can help identify this bag. About 2 years ago, I bought this MJ bag from a local San Francisco store (all you SF gals probably know Jeremy's) that receives department store leftovers, returns, designer samples and runway stuff.

    I bought another MJ bag (Cammie) from Elux around the same timeframe and the hardware and leather on this bag is identical to the Cammie so I'm pretty sure it's the real thing.

    Does anyone know the style name and even the year of production?

    The bag size is 13" long x 5" wide x 7.5" high.

    Thanks for your help!!!! :flowers:
    P1000419.JPG P1000420.JPG P1000423.JPG P1000424.JPG P1000426.JPG P1000427.JPG
  2. I don't think this bag had a name. MJ went through this phase where it made unnamed bags with "different" hardware and without the pushtab buckles but used those stud-closures instead. I think it's from about 2003ish.

    You occassionally see these types styles in stores where they sell over-runs like the Off 5th (Saks outlet) and Nordstrom Rack... Sorry I could be more help!

    I do think it's the real thing, just not a "mainstream"/popular style.
  3. Thanks, Wicked!!
  4. I sold a small MJ bag like that about a month ago-it was the spitting image of your bag-but tinier and only one handle, so yours is definitely authentic. Even had that stud closure in the front-I got it from my friend who works at MJ-part of her private collection that I sold for her-she told me it didn't have a name (most of her stuff was a couple of years old-she had bought the bags at employee only sample sales and such-could you imagine being able to do that?:love:).

    here it is:
    MJ small handbag.jpg
  5. You're welcome!
  6. Thanks for the photo, Nishi! WOW!!! Employee only sample sales - can you imagine? My wallet would be upset with me!! Maybe we can find an MJ employee on the forum. :graucho:

    Thanks for the link, bag.lover!

    It's good to know it's a real one and more about the style.
  7. The bag is authentic. It also came in lobster and a deep blue (and in a couple of sizes). Saks was calling it a duffle bag on their site, though they sometimes use their own style names. I'm pretty sure this bag was from the Spring 2004 line, though it could have been from Spring 2003. Sometimes I lose track of time!
  8. ok-NOW I remember that bag-I saw it in lobster......Good call Valerie!
  9. Oh yeah-could you imagine working at MJ Corp.? I would be broke! Years ago, I worked for Hot Sox who was the licensee to make all the Ralph Lauren hosiery products. Hence, we were entitled to the RL employee discounts & to go to all the private RL employee only sample sales-the things I bought-Oy! LOL

    People in my family always got Ralph stuff for holidays-I haven't worked for them for about 10 years now and I still have unused Ralph stuff around!

    As for my neighbor who works at MJ-I sold about 14 pieces for her that she had never used! She said it was just too easy/tempting to buy various bags & wallets all the time.