Calling Macys...

  1. I'm planning on calling to a few Macy's around my area to check if they have any l'amore Zuccas. Does anyone have an item number or SKU# for this bag?:confused1: I'm afraid that when I call they won't even look for the bag or know what i'm talking about:sad:
  2. ok i had to open up all my boxes to find my l'amore zucca but .... here u go :smile:

    the style # for a zucca is 9525
    the number under the UPC bar code is:
    8 43333 02064 8

    hope that helps!
  3. You're awesome! Thank you :yahoo:
  4. I posted that my macys had two that I returned last night. Not sure if someone scooped them up or not but it's worth a phone call. 661-287-5911