Calling LV MM Looping Experts.....

  1. Ok, here's the question. I have a medium looping bag from 2001, it has one piece of canvas on the bottom.

    Another bag I was looking at on Ebay, has the 2 pieces of canvas (with a seam in the middle) but was made in 2003, I believe.

    So, another PF'r was trying to help me out and said that they were FIRST made with 2 pieces of canvas then in 2003-2004 made with one whole piece of canvas.

    But my bag, which I'm sure is authentic, was made in 2001 with the ONE piece of canvas.

    Ugggg! Can anyone clear this up for me??

    Many thanks!!!!:flowers: :flowers:
  2. Both styles were made at the same time for a short while. The 2-piece came first, then the 1-piece. I'm not exactly sure about the year but sometime in the early nineties.