Calling LV for a Keepall Strap

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  1. I'm calling LV (London) today to get a Marie Wallet but also I'd like a keepall strap for my speedy b.

    I really don't like calling LV I've never really had a great experience I feel they can be a bit snotty. So how do I ask for a strap? I was going to say I needed a new one for my keepall which was given to me.

    Slight untruth, it's a preloved keepall I purchased but not a Bandouliere!

    If you got a strap how did you get yours? I don't have a regular SA as I am not near a bricks and mortar store.
  2. The keepall strap is a little thicker than the speedy strap and it has the shoulder pad bit .. are you sure you want that size?
  3. Also ur looking to pay about $200-$300 for the extra strap. I would go in n ask any SA if u can get just the pad for the speedy b I've heard they would give u one. I'm planning on gettin one also the pad only.
  4. Shoulder pad might work, I find the speedy b strap digs in when I wear it cross body.
  5. Me too. I have a little girl and carrying all her stuff makes it pretty heavy. So that's why I'm gonna talk to my SA about it he's awesome! I'm pretty sure he can get me one but I recently bought a speedy b ebene 35 on eBay don't know if he could get me a shoulder pad for my ebene also