Calling LV experts..I need some info about my Sac Flanerie

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  1. :confused1:

    I've decided to maybe sell my Sac Flanerie(it really is BIG and overpowering for my small frame).:crybaby: .but I'm not sure if its the smaller version of the two that were made. There is one listed on Ebay right now..appears to have the same measurements..but the bottom of the bag is different than the one I have. Anyone...who knows about these bags..can you tell me is it the bottom design what differs the two bags??:shrugs:

    I can vaguely make out something M on the underside of one of the leather flaps off the outter top edge of the bag (the leaf if think it called?). PM maybe..or GM?? not sure:yes:

    I've looked and looked and cannot find any information on these bags. Hopefully someone can help me decern exactly what this bag is so I can list it properly.
  2. the one on ebay is the same one i have. the picture of the bottom is not of the sac flanerie, it's of a different bag. it is just on there by mistake. i have a flawless sac flanerie and i absolutely love it. but i'm also 6'1 and LOVE big bags. if you do decide to let it go, you can get a pretty good price for it. they seem pretty rare and in good demand. best of luck!

  3. oh sorry. i ment to also say. if you have the same one that is currently on ebay, it is the PM model. with 6 LVs across. i've never seen a GM model, it must be massive.

  4. pics?
  5. Thank you Thank you THANK YOU!!:heart:

    Is yours the same size?? I can find the measurements in my vintage catalog but the difference between the two is only a couple of inches. Should I lay the bag flat to measure..or measure it standing? I just want to be sure that I am absolutely accurate in my description before listing it... you have an opinion on what would be an appropriate buy it now price? The bag is in great condition with just some minor water marks to a small portion of the leather side's some pics:
    sacflan1.jpg sacflan2.jpg sacflan3.jpg sacflan4.jpg
  6. I think it is the same seller that has the one listed on Ebay..that just sold one of the larger ones yesterday (I noticed it and asked for pictures of the bottom..hoping I could figure out which one I had) sold for $1250.00!

    have to add this: Mine must be like yours as it does have the 6 LV' thank you again for helping me!!!!
  7. Im looking in my lv catalog from way back. it says: H32 x W45 X D15 I know its not inches but it might be MM or CM?
  8. How vintage is your catalog? Mine is from the measurements in inches..but mine falls right inbetween the two...I think it must be obviously the smaller version..because it does have only 6 LV's across the Kodi advises...
  9. dates back to 2000. it only shows one size though. stock number is M51115.
  10. Yep..thats the same number listed in mine too..along with the larger one which is obviously the larger one was discontinued after 1999.

    thanks so much for taking the time to help me! I really appreciate it lots:yes: :smile:
  11. yep, that is the exact same one i have. i've watched several of these on ebay and in good condition i'd say 700.00, in excellent condition they tend to go for around 800-950.00. that's pretty great i'd say. it really is a wonderful bag, i'm sorry that you found it didn't suit you. but you should easily be able to make enough off of it to buy something that is perfect for you!