Calling londoners

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  1. hey. have you guys heard of the sample sale by style sisters? i've registered, but i havent receieved ANY e-mail from them yet!!

    any of you have signed up and got the e-mail yet??
  2. Hi, is that one when the preview is next Friday 8th and the open event is on 9th? I got an invitation via Fashion Confidential but can't go:sad:
  3. Yeah.. I did register on the website they said to go to, but haven't received the e-mail of confirmation yet! I'm so annoyed!!!
  4. i'd been wondering if anyone had been to the sample sale..
    I went yesterday, got there literally a minute to 4pm.. the guy was real nice and let me in.. i bought a fendi chef with a black leather trim.. and a gucci wallet and a prada bracelet.. (all gifts) SERIOUS MARKDOWNS.. There were only 3 chloes left by the time i got there.. The paddington leather clutch (mini one) gone down to 197, the large edith (dnt knw how much tht one wasmarked down), the tall version of the betty for 520...Dint want any of these..I wish i'd got there earier, was hoping to get a paddngton mini or a small betty..:sad: they had LOADS of fendis (monogram fabric basic ones), lotts of Leather Pradas (nice ones).. A little bit of prada & gucci jewelley.. and few sunglasses styles..
    i spoke to the lady there and she said they had loads and they were gone in a snap.. coz they were down to like 400.. and they had queues till the end of the street for the friday preview.. it seemed like it was very successful event..
    It was pretty good..!

    is there anyone else who went?