Calling Lexus owners

  1. Okay guys I am about to buy a new Lexus---hopefully next week.

    I have bought used cars before, including my used Lexus that I'll be trading in. But never a new one.

    I'm wanting to know if anyone can tell me what a "good" deal is off MSRP for a Lexus.

    I know from doing my research that Lexus does not deep discount like other dealers because they want to maintain their luxury status. But I do know that they discount somewhat

    I have worked out a few deals w/ the help of my father (the all time big wig negotiator)

    He feels comfortable that we found some good deals and I was comfortable too------ BUT something is nagging at me now and I want to be absolutely sure. Once I sign the dotted line, its over.

    I am curious for those of you who bought their Lexus brand new how much off MSRP you were able to get? Or what you think the average discount should be

    thanks for all your help:smile:
  2. Hmmm. . . we got a thing or two thrown in plus a few thousand off I believe.
    May depend on the model and year as well. If you're wanting a 2007, they'll haggle less than w/ a 2006.
    Which model are you looking at?
  3. If you can, get your hands on the Consumer Reports car edition! I have it, but it's in my moving boxes which aren't unpacked yet. It helps you on "what to do" when yo'ure buying a new car, and it tells you the price that you shouldn't pay over for a new car.

    Are you going to be paying the car in full or financing it? When my aunt and uncle bought their Lexus GX SUV, they haggled down a few thousand, and then got 8k knocked off because they paid for it in full
  4. 2007 RX 350.

    So swanky if you don't mind me asking how much was a few thousand? Like 2 0r 3?

    I didnt ask for anything extra to be thrown in? Should I? Like what should I ask for?
  5. Oh Courtney....I know how hard it is for you to make a decision about a bag....please do not torment yourself!!!!
  6. I'm not sure what comes standard on them, but I'd have them throw in at least a Navigation System
  7. ^^Oh no girlie---I GETTING the car definitly.
    I just want to make sure I'm getting a good deal. :yes: :wlae:
  8. Throw in a navigation system!!! They would have laughed me out of the dealership!!!

  9. I know. :roflmfao:
    I just read that and laughed. I chose not to reply.

    The PF'er is from germany though. Maybe they do that kind of stuff there. ??
  10. K...Sorry for not being so in the know when it comes to these things. And no, they usually don't just "throw in" things here. You're lucky if you can even get a dealer to knock off 100 EUR.
  11. I did not get any perks...but it was a special order...and high in demand when I got mine...I do get like a 1500 tax break on it...thats kind of cool..but standard.
  12. No one was being mean...sorry if it came across that way:flowers:
  13. No worries honey. I appreciate your opinon. :smile:

    But I know that they definitly would not throw in that type of stuff here. Floor mats maybe , nav system? nope
  14. Just seemed like that...and I'm not sure what your reply was supposed to mean. Was it supposed to mean that they would never in their life throw in something like that or that you should ask for something better?

    When my mom bought her car in the states (at MB of Annapolis), they included a Navigational package (Nav. system and a bunch of other stuff we didn't know how to use) instead of going down in price

    Oh, PS: I'm not angry, I just didn't know how to take it, hah.
  15. I guess I need to be as clear as possible...I LUVBAGS knows where Im coming from...I sure did not mean to be rude...good heavens.
    And I stated earlier I special ordered mine as it was a hybrid and no perks no nothing...thats all I meant.