calling legacy shoulder bag owners ...

  1. my whiskey bag's leather trim is falling out on the sides :crybaby: i brought it to the store and they are not sure can it be fixed but still they will send it to the repair centre. is it normal for the leather trim to split and come off ? i'm so sad as the bag is only 5 months old and i've only carried it for like 10 times :sad: :crybaby:
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  2. OMG i have the same problem with my whiskey ali! Its doing the same thing but also has some frying, sort of like little hairs coming off the same spot. How weird. Make sure you post if Coach is gonna fix it or not, thanks.
  3. Mine has been carried everyday since Xmas and is fine, strange how some have problems and some don't....good luck.
  4. The sa's at my store have been replacing a few legacy items. I know there were some issues with the turnlocks. I got the Ali but only carried it a few times and didn't have any issues.

    When I had an issue with a straw tote last summer they just replaced it. They have stopped sending in lots of stuff that they know can't be fixed. I'm suprised they didn't just exchange it.
  5. I just bought a Legacy Wallet today and when I brought it home, I noticed the stitching on the back was unfinished looking with balled up thread. Should I take it back? Hmmm. I hope that you can get your bag fixed or replaced!
  6. Mine's doing the same thing! I noticed it awhile ago and have been putting off taking it in, since I use it all the time and don't want to be without it. I did notice that my store has one whiskey shoulder in stock so I guess I could just exchange it...hmmm...I should get on that.

    I was so disappointed to notice it because I love that bag and for that amount of money, I expected it to be perfect and last a LONG time. It looks like it's some problem with the piping or whatever that coating is they use to cover the side seams. Anyway, thank goodness that Coach has such excellent customer service because at least I know I'll be able to take it in and get it fixed or get a new one.
  7. hi sialia u said my thoughts!

    the store i went to does not have any more whiskey shoulder and so i guess that's why they can't offer any exchange. i was also wondering if the same thing is going to happen to other shoulder bags, and if so than i wouldn't want to part with my whiskey -> i :heart: it sooo much !!

    the fact is the SAs were telling me it's due to wear and tear but i was telling them it seems too soon for my kind of usage to see this :yucky:. i really hope my bag will be ok as this is my 1st coach purchase.

    i'm really wondering should i expect this "wear and tear" to be a usual happening :s .. and now i've stopped dreaming over other coach bags .. :sad:
  8. I have no problem with my Whiskey Ali at all. Why don't you ask them to damage it out (this means that they order you a new bag from a store that has it in the 50 states, they then send your bag back to the Factory as damaged). I would just ask they to do this, who knows if they can fix your bag. As I said my Ali is perfect, I have had it a month now but I do not use it every day. I use it for one week then I switch to another bag for the next week. I like to change out my bags each week.
  9. That sucks....I hope I don't have any problems with mine. It hasn't left my side since I got it. I carried my black sig duffle yesterday and felt like I was cheating on it.
  10. i'm planning on getting the legacy shoulder bag tomorrow in the khaki sig w/ black leather trim...what do you think???
    coach is helpful with returns and the c/s is great...
  11. I'm so sorry this has happened to people. I haven't had any problems with my Whiskey Shoulder, but I haven't carried it too much yet.
  12. hi lizcordova thanks for the suggestion :smile:. i'm not from the states and so not sure will my local coach do it for me.
    reading this forum has set my standard high for coach cs and i sincerely hope my personal experience will have a happy ending :smash:
  13. dear all i collected my bag from coach yesteray. just to update they re-did the coating and so for now my bag looks ok already:yahoo:
  14. You got your bag fixed?! That's fantastic!! I'm happy for you! Especially with it being the sold out whiskey bag. :wlae: Very cool. ;)
  15. That is great news!