Calling Jane lovers

  1. How have you been enjoying your bag thus far? I'll be honest, I haven't actually carried mine yet but would live to hear from all of you on how it's wearing!
  2. i have the jane in azzure! the leather feels soooo luxurious! its exquisite! although i find myself wearing my black rocco a lot more often but just because its easier, and i find the jane to be more i try to use for special occasions...
  3. ^by delicate, do you mean that you're afraid the leather will get all scratched up?
  4. Been using my Jane for the past two weeks and I love it. For me it's more delicate in the sense that I don't want to put too much in it since it's just being held up by the two straps the way the bag is designed, it might put too much strain if I filled it up and made it all boxy since the straps aren't center on it (if you get what I mean).

    And anyway, I don't like the way it looks boxy.. I adore the way it slouches when it's not full :smile: I think it's a fantastic bag and I love using it!! Light weight, stylish.. reasonable size.. not too heavy.. can't get any more perfect than that!
  5. yeah... i don't know if it will, but i rather be careful, also, since some of the edges are a bit velvety im afraid that they might get dirty...
  6. Thanks for the responses. Going to bite the bullet and just start using her!