calling in the USA-help me with dialing codes!

  1. Hi! I'm visiting my family in the USA and they gave me their cell and home numbers. The cell phone goes like this 1-718-... and the home number 1-646-....

    When I'm in the US, in the same city, what do I call from my european cellphone? The numbers as listed above or something extra?

  2. i think u dial 001 718....
  3. Thanks! Can anyone else confirm that, please?
  4. ^^ that sounds right to me as the US country code is '1' followed by a 3 digit area code, then a 7 digit phone number.
  5. yes, if you're using your European mobile, call 001-718...
  6. it's not necessarily 001 from every country, but of you put +1 and then the rest of the number it'll figure it out. the international codes usually have 00 in front though.
  7. Thanks you guys! I'm off to the airport! Yay!
  8. have a great time!