Home & Garden Calling Ikea Experts


Oct 7, 2006
I'm in need of some new storage and I really like this look:


I like the large high-gloss white doors on the top unit. I only want to order a unit for the bottom.

My problem: I don't know which units/sizes to order to get the correct look and I didn't have much luck going to Ikea in person.

I don't particularly like putting more than one unit together. Do you think the joints look funny or is that just me? Is there one large unit I can use?

Advice appreciated!


Dec 27, 2005
Love the piece. I have had a lot of Ikea furniture through the years. For size, just measure the wall you are putting the piece against. Do not cover doorframes. As for more then one piece to look more even you can buy a piece of hardware from the hardware store. These are la piece of metal with holes that come in different lengths (probably would need them in two inches). You lay them flat on the back of two pieces to drill holes and connect the two pieces to join together. Would need one on the top part and bottom back side pieces. I have not had problems with more then one piece of furniture together, you just need to set them right where they are close and even with no gaps. Ikea customer service online s great to help with questions. Good luck.