Calling Groom cles owners, is yours off-aligned??

  1. So I was asking this question in another thread and I'm just wondering if anyone else has noticed this.

    Is the bottom seam of the your cles slightly off-aligned where the stripes are? Since the stripes are not perfectly aligned, the other patterns aren't aligned either (the circular flower close to the edge). I'm not sure if mine wasn't made to perfection or if I'm just over crutinizing it since this is my first cles. Should I bring it back to the store and try to find one that aligns better or will most be like that as well? Could groom cles owners check to see how yours is like? My misalignment is a little bit more than the picture shows.
  2. I've seen that on a lot of Cles' on here.. and I also noticed that on the Cles I saw at the boutique on Tuesday... so I think it's normal? :shrugs:
  3. It looks normal to me.....
  4. My Perfo one is kinda like that too...
  5. Oh ok, thanks guys!! I think I'm just over-scrutinzing it then. I'll keep it then and use it tomorrow!!!
  6. Yes, mine is just like that.
  7. Yeah, mine is like yours BUT WORSE! lol

  8. Yup, same here! lol. I thought it was just mine at first. I feel relieved after seeing this thread. lol.:P
  9. Mine is the same way. The alignment on most LV's are not perfect.
  10. it's normal, all my cles are like that
  11. A little bit:
  12. I never really noticed..mine is just a bit but not too bad.
  13. Mine is IDENTICAL (TO THE BONE haha it's my phrase im not retarded) to Irenes!
  14. is that ur gorgeous OSKAR? Lovely!!!!!
  15. Yes, it is!!!:love: I want to carry nothing else at the moment!!!:upsidedown: