Calling Grass Paraty owners - or anyone who knows!

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  1. I've been trying so many searches and can't seem to come up with a definitive answer - can someone confirm the colour of the stitching on the Grass Paraty? Is it a green/dark green? Thanks!:nuts:
  2. I can't seem to remember if I saw a huge contrast between the leather and the stitching on the grass green paraty that I had. But if anything I'd say lighter green!
  3. Sorry for the bad pic quality but I think it gives you an idea
    please let me know if you need more photos

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  4. Hey

    Im sure it was a dark green.. here are the pic i have taken for LVR..

    Are you getting one? its a really lovely colour!


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  5. Thanks so much all! I'm contemplating it, i was just wondering if it had contrasting stitching like the purple with the red? I love all Paratys really, just deciding on colour now but i really want a green bag! :smile: