Calling Graffiti Speedy!

  1. Hi all! :heart:

    I've finally got the LV bag I've always wanted, the graffiti speedy! :yahoo:

    I know that speedy's have the style # (i.e, 25 or 30)stamped on the back of the leather tab that hangs on the outside of the bag. When I received mine today though, there was no "30" stamp.

    Did these stamps exist on the Graffiti line? When did the stamps actually start?

    I'm scared because I'm praying I didn't pay $$$ for a limited edition fake! :sad:

    So...if any of you know, your knowledge would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  2. a photo would be most helpful. the graffiti speedy should have the '30' stamp on the leaflet, however it can fade with usage. hth
  3. yes but yours mine be rubbed off.
  4. thanks you two. I'm at work right now but will take pics when I get home and post it. gosh I hope its real! :s
  5. there should be one under there. I just checked my graffiti keepall and there is a 50 under mine. The speedy only came in 30 so under the leaf that says "louis Vuitton made in fance" there should be a 30. Sometimes they do fade. It is best to post pics or get it authenticated in an LV shop. Hope this helps.
  6. Hi all, ok so I posted pics and the original eBay link in the authenticate this forum. I hope I get good news out of it, thanks again for your help :heart:<crossing fingers>