Calling Graffiti Owners & Bleeker Owners....

  1. I'm trying to compile a new thread of LE items and need a little help on something.

    Anyone who was collecting in you remember how much the Graffiti Almas were and the wallets?

    Does anyone know anything about the Vernis Bleeker? When it was released...was it a one-season thing, etc.?
  2. Not sure what year the Bleeker came out in, but I did find this ad on another board, maybe if will help?
  3. Can't help ya from 2001; I do know I adore my mint peach grafitti alma pm and bought it last year from LT for about $700.00... I know that doesn't help, but I do love the grafitti! good luck Twiggers.. have the pochette too, but she was a gift in 01...
  4. wallet was around 300 and speedy 500 and keepall 750.. this is what i heard.. not confirmed prices. they are approx.
  5. I think for the graffiti collection, because it was MJs first LV special edition show they only came out with 1000 pieces for each item. Meaning there were only 1000 keepalls, 1000, speedies ext.... If you need pictures of the runway back stage show I have tons, I actually posted a thread about it. By far graffiti collection is my favorite!
  6. not sure but have seen a ton of speedies on eBay with starting price of $2000
  7. This kills me, $500 for a LE speedy. If only I had a time machine.
  8. Thanks everyone!! Especially for the price of the wallet...that was the one I was really needing

    JLinds: Thanks for that pic!!!! The more pics the better!

    LVLover: I have a ton of graffiti pics...but that you so much...I think I raided that thread you had started!
  9. not sure about the prices then but i did purchase a b/w alma from let-trade for $1,050.