Calling girls with Ivory Multipocket (large or small)

  1. Can you please post pics? Ive searched the forum, but couldnt' find anything, and google too but nada :sad: only quilted
  2. I'm no help, but I'm looking for a soft calf multipocket in ivory too.

    Pics would be great!!
  3. :smile: ivory looks gorgeous doesn't it?! I'm going to a Marc Jacobs store in London on the 18th, so if I manage to see one ill take some pics!
  4. Thank You!!

    I saw one in Saks today that the salesperson said was Ivory, but I wasn't sure. It had a very slight yellowish cast to it.

    I hope you find your dream bag!!
  5. ^ Does it have the nickel h/w or the gold h/w on it for the Ivory?
  6. The one I saw had gold hardware. I think it was tapioca, not ivory though.