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  1. Hello fellow TPFers:
    I know there are already threads on other brands for flat irons comparison. But, I'm having difficulty deciding these two reputable brands T3 vs. GHD. So far, I've read some good reviews from you girls about GHD. I was wondering if anyone have used both. Which one is better for straightening, curls, undamaging hair, etc? I get ionic straight perms every year. Primarily, I'm planning to buy this flat iron for curling my hair occasionally. Please help me decide, thanks!!! ;)
  2. I haven't used the GHD - only the T3. I have the widest plate one and I can still do a killer body wave if I'm not completely straightening it. I'm pretty sure they make a more narrow plate iron specifically for curling and styling. I love the T3, I've had it for over a year and if anything I think my hair is healthier than ever. T3 also makes some styling products to protect your hair as well. I love T3, I'll never get anything else!
  3. I just returned my T3 for the newest GHD after reading all of the reviews on this forum and have no regrets. I only use it to straighten my hair, but my babysitter used it last night to curl her hair and it did a great job. Hands down get the GHD, you will never have to get another ionic straigh perm again.
  4. I have the T3 and love it! It's really durable and I find it gets quickly so I don't have to wait around. Great flat iron!
  5. i have the ghd. i lovee it :smile:
  6. I have a T3 and it is great! I've been using one for about 3 years and my hair has never been better! I've had to replace one though (after about 2 years).
  7. t3 has been a god-sent for me. how can you beat a wet-to-dry iron? i always just air dry about 90% and the iron takes out the rest of the moisture. my hair is so silky and shiny after.
  8. neither...sedu, sedu, sedu!:okay:
  9. I used to have a T3 until I succumbed to the GHD enabling that is so rampant on this forum :p. And I must say, I'm so glad I did! The T3 was okay for me, but it made my hair pretty dry. With the GHD my hair is sooo smooth and it's super easy to get volume, and it also didn't take me too long to figure out how to make a good head of curls/waves. So yeah, I'd recommend the GHD and I'd also like to go ahead and recommend Biosilk Silk Therapy. I put it on my hair before I flat iron and it makes it even more smooth and shiny plus it protects it from the heat.
  10. Well, I have the T3 medium duality, but I use GHD styling products and they work very well together, makes my hair frizz free, soft and shinny,
  11. I've never tried anything other than GHD (Xmas pressie from the bf :biggrin:) and I :heart: it

  12. AGREED! and i have used all
  13. Sedu is great! I don't actually own one...yet! Gonna order it this week but friends have them and they work like a dream! I am also ordering one just for my trip abroad so I don't blow out the one for here! :p
  14. I have both ghd and T3. I like ghd better because it gets hair straigher. However the T3 can really leave have soft. I also have a Chi and it's good, but not as good as the first two I mentioned.
  15. I have the GHD after upgrading from a CHI over a year ago and I LOVE my GHD, Does the job WELL!
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