calling for prada backpack owners!

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  1. help! i just want to ask prada backpack owners if it is normal to have id tags placed (stitched) at the back of prada nylon backpacks (ones with like clear plastic framed in leather).

    i actually found one in a store (that sells several designer bags, brand new and second hand) and it looks authentic to me but there is id tag at the back which doesn't look good at all. i am not sure now if it is the real thing...though the store is known to sell authentic stuff but i just want to make sure! its the only that is stopping me from buying it for now...:confused1:
  2. Hmm..I don't have one of these ID tags on mine nor have I seen it on any other ones, but I'm not the best Prada expert.
  3. ya, i was also checking the backpacks on stores on the website and there doesn't seem any id tags either...hmmm...anyway, thanks!! :smile:
  4. I've had a Prada backpack since the late 90s and mine doesn't have the ID tag that you're describing. Then again, it can be a new thing they're doing??