Calling for ideas/suggestions

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  1. I am looking for one bag for carrying inside the Birkin. This is my use case:

    What I carry in my Birkin when I go to work:

    key fob for car
    laptop charger and

    I also take language classes

    so i carry:

    2 books
    Key fob

    What I'd like is a small bag that I can put the Azap wallet, the kep fob, th iphone, and pens. this way, it makes it easy for me to switch my bags between these 2 use cases. Plus if I had this little bag, my bag inside would be super organized and I love being organized.

    I kinda need a clutch type bag. Any ideas/thoughts are welcome.
  2. Jige?
  3. Maybe some colorful GM Karos for the phone, keys, pens. I like the idea of the jige too.
  4. that bolide-looking clutch made of synthetic fabric. I don't know the name.
  5. ...or perhaps the all-leather Trousse Bolide MM...holds quite a bit.
  6. Is that the Boldie MM in your Avatar? the black one? that could work really well.
  7. Sounds intriguing - does anyone have pics?
  8. Attached Files:

  9. ^^^ oh hey--that is not my collection it is Luciana12's. :smile:
  10. Pardon!

    Lovely collection all the same! Thanks Luciana12!
  11. Thank you very much.;)
  12. :cutesy: No, thank you! :okay: