Calling for Bubble Quilt Experts... I am frustrated

  1. Does anyone know how much is this bubble quilt? I am a bit confused as there seems to be mixed information in the forum.


    Chanelboy's reply on price was US 3150, but I read something on another thread stating the brown one was around US 2600. Are there 2 different sizes, can the chanel experts within the forum post some pics of the 2 sizes.

    Some threads also said there were 3 colour, brown, dark beige (olive) and off white. Is the colour above dark beige?
    I really want to get this bag, and have been calling Paris and Milan with no luck. Have anyone seen the bag in their shops?
  2. if the bag in your picture is same size as the one i had it is around 2600:


    but the BQ flaps do come in larger (and more expensive) sizes

    that looks like dark beige to me...i've seen them at Saks, Nordstrom, and nm
  3. Hi. The one in your pic is $3,150 and is dark beige.

    The other flap, for $2595, has no drawstring effect at the point of closure; instead, it has a longer strap and can be worn across the body if you're small (ish).

    If you look in the BQ reference thread with the pics, the $2595 bag is the one like fashion freak's in green which is currently the last post.

    If you're wondering how I sound like I know, I was as confused as you a few weeks ago and had to get to the bottom of it!

    Good luck.

    PS Try Saks, NYC.
  4. I just got that same bag in your picture. It is the largest sized Bubble Quilt Flap in Dark Beige, and is indeed $3150 USD. It is a little over 16 inches, or 40 cm, across. For size comparison, it is larger than my Cotton Club Reporter. The brown flap that ldldb has is smaller than this one. Hope this helps!
  5. Hi Lulubulu,

    I was just at Neiman Marcus in Miami, they have that bag in the smaller size which is $2600 in the "white" which is a beige color. I have the bowler style in that color "white" if you want to take a look at it. If interested I can give you SA name and number. Good Luck
  6. Thank you so much for your responses! I'm so glad that my misery is finally solved by the experts. I am looking for the medium size, which looks so cool in my opinion.

    I am so in love with this collection, I got it in off white in the flap below, which is amazing, as the chain has a leather wrapping at the shoulder and it's super comfortable, plus the soft and lightness of the leather.

    It appears that the states are well stocked for this collection, as I have struggled to find it in HK, Shanghai, Paris, Milan and London. I am getting on the phone to order one now!
  7. Lulubulu,

    how much did you buy that bubble flap for? it's TDF!:tup:
  8. I got mine at the Shanghai Chanel Boutique, which was around US 3000. It was pricey, but I've been hunting down for a bubble quilt for months. I am from HK but I work in SH. The luxury goods in SH is much more expensive due to exchange rates and taxes, so I NEVER buy anything here! But had to grab the bag.
    I've been calling Paris and got a reply that they do not have any leather ones in Europe, and won't have it for next collection either. The bubble quilt for fall/winter comes in dressing, which is fabric, but leather interior.. which I found quite weird, and expensive.
    Been on the phone with the US... still no luck
  9. Hi lulubulu,

    So this bag is different from the other bubble right? DO you want to try CHanel in Houston? They can send it to Shanghai if they have it. BTW, I am moving to Shanghai in NOvember as well....
  10. LuluBulu,

    The bubble quilt flap you bought is in large size or small size?

    I saw people using the large size in Hong Kong (like a messenger bag) and so I asked my SA in US to locate me one. But he told me that there is only one size available and it is $2595.
  11. The medium sized flap for $2595, is that size comparable to a jumbo classic flap? Bigger/smaller? I saw the comparison between the big bubble quilt flap and the medium classic flap and it was a lot bigger!

    Puffy, the green bag in your last post looks like the medium sized one for $2595. There should be a bigger one, the one that you want, for $3150, according to some of the ladies.
  12. Puffy

    It comes in the big size, but I have only seen it in grey dressing material, not in leather. I believe they have stopped making leather ones for this season.
  13. I have never known or seen a bubble flap larger than the one I got (1st pic) until I saw this pic originally posted by chy123 (2nd pic, thank you for your pic!). So now I think maybe the bag in 3rd pic from elle magazine (posted by Cosmo) is really the biggest one which is $3150.... umm:push: Anyone saw it in green color IRL, I mean the biggest one? Would like to know...
    IMG_5972.jpg bb.jpg Chanel01.JPG
  14. I am really starting to like this collection:drool: