calling for all women with little black dresses!

  1. Hi I need a little black dress for an event I'm going to, looooong story, can't get into it right now and I am just seconds from leaving work... But would you lovely ladies mind posting pictures of the dress (you wearing it and it lying flat) for me?

    I've never been into the little black dress trend (yes i know its a class) i guess its because the dresses usually look so blah when its lying flat, I really need to see them on people to actually appreciate its beauty!

    And if anyone has any recommendation that would be great too, I'm desperately looking for a D&G one but the ones I've seen so far are over 800$ which is wayyyyy outta budget for me!

    And lastly does anyone have something similiar to this?

    IF you do can you please show me a picture of it on, how does it look, I don't think its looking too hot hanging flat

    omg must wrap up stuff so I can leave at right at 6pm! I don't get paid overtime!
  2. I have this dress (pic is from the catalog), and have worn it several times for an evening out. Bought in on-line from and it's still on sale!

  3. you know, i've never been one into the 'little black dress' trend until a rush of beautiful black dresses popped into stores and then I couldnt get enough!!

    Here's two d&g (by Dolce&Gabbana) I have... (ignore the grey one in the pic)

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    And here's one I got from Victoria's Secret... it has convertible strap so it can be a halter, spaghetti strap, tube top, or raceback.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  4. Mello_yello_jen, you look fabulous!

  5. aww thanks sonya :shame:
  6. I love the d&g dress on the right. It looks great on you!!!
  7. Mello, the second dress you're wearing looks AMAZING on you!
  8. jen u have great body!!:graucho:
    im so envy u....LOL
  9. You def rock ya LBDs, mello!! I wished I had a body like yours!
  10. Ya Jen's a big hottie, I love the gray one she has too...

  11. i love the dress on the right! you look so hot!!
  12. thank you cbetht, spoiledkiwi, pinkpudding, nymph, mericherie, and rongai :flowers:
  13. mello_yello_jen, you look simply sensational!