Calling fellow chanel lovers ~~ can someone kindly post a picture of a black reissue?

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  1. I tried doing a search but with no luck. Please and thanks. I want to see what it looks like.
  2. There are definitely pictures in some of the earlier threads.
  3. Here's one picture:
  4. oh thank you! for those who have seen it iRL, is it more beautiful than lambskin and caviar? i know it is a personal preference but i would love to hear your opinion! please advise
  5. Here's some photos of mine.

    This is the black with the gold hardware.
    front chanel.jpg back chanel.jpg flap chanel.jpg twist lock chanel.jpg
  6. oh thank you addicted. that is so helpful!
  7. Hi essential, I have a re-issue in grey with silver chain and hardware and I think it is absolutely gorgeous. I had a caviar classic flap but fell in love at first site with the re-issue because of the lovely chain and the distressed leather - it just seemed to fit my lifestyle much better.
  8. Addicted - your black re-issue with gold is STUNNING! Now I'm thinking if I can find a small black w/gold I'd go for it - it would be a beautiful evening bag. Hmmmmmmmm.
  9. Shopmom ~~ can you post a picture of your grey Reissue? And what size is yours?
  10. Here's my Grey re-issue. This is the Medium with silver chain and hardware. I LOVE it!!!!!
  11. essential, I love this bag -- I like the flat quilting and the distressed leather. Also, the chain is very special, and I love how it photographs like jewellery (in photos where you see models carrying it). I prefer it to the other classic styles, definitely.
  12. The reissue is so beautiful -- I especially love it in grey though... ! Now I really want one too :smile:
  13. More!:biggrin:
    00010m.jpg 00050m.jpg 00070m.jpg 00190m.jpg
  14. And a few more, just to enjoy!:amuse:
  15. Oops, where did they go?