Calling Fashionistas.....

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  1. Please answer this...

    I know black tights were worn with colorful dresses last season...

    What about this Spring / Summer?
  2. I think it looks fine :biggrin:
  3. I love black tights, I will def. keep wearing. Go for it if you like it!
  4. Definitely a yes, unless you feel too warm. The weather's so warm here in London. I need air conditioning!! Pronto!
  5. yes and its only april!! I dont think the black tights trend is going to be going away anytime soon, its made outfits a lot more versatile. It also looks great with bright colors.
  6. I will keep wearing them, and I think you should too, if you like the look!
  7. In my opinion the only reason opaque tights are "out" in the summer it's becasue it's too hot to wear them LOL
  8. ^^ Lols, i love my black tights, keeps me warm while looking 'stylish'.
  9. o love black tghts. 40 denier for warmer weather and 100 denier for winter.
    they will always be fashionable
  10. I've been looking in a lot of fashion mags and doing lots of online shopping and I see leggings everywhere. I don't think the trend is out this season......
  11. it goes all year round! :p
  12. While the trend will be around for a while, I would suggest baring ya legs whenever possible. After all, this Spring/Summer is all about bare mile long legs, so let 'em out! :smile:
  13. Now its more like 'colourful thights with black & neutral coloured dresses'. I think that white tights with colourful dresses are OK this spring, but i woudn't wear black.
  14. I think for this season, it would be out. I read that from a magazine.. Teen Vogue or Seventeen for sure.
  15. Just saw a report on TV saying black tights with white dress are very in now