Calling experts--what leather would you recommend?

Sep 28, 2007
I have my heart set on a black kelly with gold hardware. I would like this bag to be very elegant, but also usable. I thought I wanted box, and maybe I really do. But, I have the feeling box is so delicate I'll worry all the time. I know I don't want clemence for my kelly (I have durable, casual leathers for my birkins, and want a different look for my kelly.) I cannot afford exotics right now. So, my question there another leather beside box that would look very elegant and yet could travel? For example, I'd like to use this kelly on European vacation trips. With the strap through the airport and while sightseeing. Beautifully strap free for evenings out. But, sometimes it rains on trips...and it sounds like that would destroy my bag if it were box. any ideas? or am I asking too much?


Jun 7, 2006
3rd. It has a wonderful sheen to it and is pretty good in the rain. I would consider getting it in Sellier style, as I have retourne and the corners do wear a bit (but if you are looking for the casualness of retourne that's still very nice).

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Mar 2, 2007
If not Box, then Chevre or Vache Liegee are great choices: both rigid without heavy graining. They do have texture, but not like togo or clemence would.

To me the real key for a Kelly going from jeans to evening is the sellier style, by the way, maybe even more than the leather choice. I love retourne Kelly bags, but sellier is "the classic" and I think it works a touch better as a formal bag while still functioning and looking beautiful for daytime and more casual use as well.
Sep 28, 2007
Thank you CynthiaNYC! (and, one OT comment--I am so excited for your twins and so sorry you've had many losses along the way!)
VL is interesting, too. I think I need Sellier for sure, and am happy to pay for it. Box is probably a bit more as well. In terms of size, I'm thinking 28 is probably big enough...don't need a giant bag for these purposes. I wonder how hard will it be to get this bag? Might I get lucky and find it in stock in paris?

Encore Hermes

Aug 6, 2007
Another vote for Chevre but if you do decide on box remember you can order the supplement strap (canvas) and that lets you wear the bag messenger style too. I am going to take my kelly box. to FR. in Oct., and I ordered one. I like the look (yes, even with my sellier) and 'hands free' appealed to me, esp. at the airport, KWIM?
May 17, 2006
well the thing with box is you do not have too worry to much about it it will get scratched yes but these scratches blend into a gorgeous patina that gives the bag a almost surreal glow from within apart from that i can be refurbished to practically new condition some of hte best looking vintage bags are box as is mrs birkins bag need more proof our very own simplyprincess got that drama scratchby her collegue and h refurbished it fantastically.
i have carried box almost everywhere and while i got nearly a heartstroke when i scratched it first i got over it and used her more and never ever anything happened i was advised to not let it get wet but i got caught in downpours wiped it with a soft cloth and the blistering went back to normal an no signs of damage whatoever (of course that does not mean that t is the perfect all wather bag just that I had no problems with it and that it won´t get destroyed should it get sprinkled on)

if you truly love box you should not compromise seriously i am mademoiselle exotic usually but box is classic timeless and so beautiful that i get it whenever i can (and if i had to decide :wtf: :lol:between a croc kelly or box kelly both sellier both black both gold hrdw. i would seriously get the box if i truly could not get both and that should be telling ;):flowers: