Calling Everyone Who Shops At The Bloor St. Holt Renfrew!!

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  1. I'm so fed up with waiting on nice bags to come in at my local Vancouver holt. The sale reps are nice but very unreliable when i tell them i want certin bags they just write my name down and call me when it comes in. I can't wait that long i would appreciate it if one of the reps would go above and be on to track down some purses for me. I call bloor once in a while to order purses because they have a better selection. Can someone who shops there please let me know what they have right now? I'm looking for a marc jacobs stam, any color fendi spy aside from the cognac, chloe hobo,......
    thanks in advance!
  2. I just called the vancouver holts for the fendi Spy, they had the zucca leather one but sent it to montreal last week (the day before i called looking for it) check the montreal holts for the spy.!!
  3. thanks but i'm looking for the all leather one.
  4. they had that when i called...a green one (sm) and i believe honey or cognac something along the line of medium brown color ( the girl tried to describe the color) in the larger version
  5. thanks Miss V again.
    If anyone can tell me whats new and hot in store let me know
  6. I was just in HR Calgary yesterday, they have a honey spy. Why don't you like the cognac? I have the cognac one and I think it looks better than the honey. The honey IRL is a little orangey so I still prefer the cognac. They have some satchels as well, I remember a cognac and other colors (sorry I forgot, I wasn't paying too much attention).
  7. What?.. they have a spy here in Calgary? I never thought I'd see the day. (drops everything and runs to holt) I saw the satchels when I was there on Monday. I guess you have to go there pretty much everyday to see what they have that's new, I swear that place is trying to drive me crazy... they've had so many great bags lately... usually they have nothing. Too bad I'm broke right now and can't buy any of them. :sad:
  8. why don't i like the cognac?? because I LOVE the cognac! and i own it thats why i'm looking for another color. lol
  9. Sorry:shame: Some people on TFS don't like the cognac because of fading problems. I thought that's why you didn't like the cognac ... I love the cognac too. The color goes with everything. Trust me the honey IRL doesn't look as nice. I'd have problems figuring out what to wear with it.
  10. Call the Holt renfrew In edmoton every one there is great and they will try there best to get it to you but the edmoton does has the marc jacobs and the fendi spy but no clue if it was leather. But try edmoton and they will help you.
    thank you
  11. omigosh! does the edmonton store have a marc jacobs stam? i'd be really surprised!
  12. The Edmonton store had several Spy bags last time I was there. (A few days ago.) has the stam in black.
  13. Hey Moe, there is an awesome SA at Holt's on Bloor named Marie. She really knows her stuff. My sister is going there this week and I asked her for a bag inventory. I will be there at the end of the month. Last time I was there they had many Balenciagias, a large Fendi Spy, a Fendi spy satchel ( in honey I think) ,a hologram spy (trippy)and the denim hobo. They also had, chloe gold silverado hobo, silverado in tan, and a paddington in the silver.
    They phoned me the other day and said they had recieved 2 gauchos in brown.
    I also remember a stam in the beige and gold. I remember because I don't get that bag.
    On their website they have the Fendi B Bag, but I did not see it.
    This Marie is very good, all the SAs on bloor are and not totally aggresive.
    Like I said, my sister is going this week and will take stock. Let me know if you want her to source something in particular.
  14. Hi everyone, I was wondering how much a Balenciaga city sells for in Canada? I'm actually going to Vancouver in around 3 days and I was thinking of buying one there...Do you think it would be cheaper than in the US, cuz I think i can get tax return back or something... Thanks
  15. You can get the GST (7%, I think) back but not the PST(provincial sales tax 8% in BC, I think). You do better buying in the US unless your dollar is very strong, which it is not right now. :worried: