Calling every one who misses Decophile on Bal section.

  1. Hi every one,
    I just wanted to post this thread because i really miss Deco on Balenciaga section.:crybaby: I love her, her posts and her pics of yummy Bbags. I haven't seen her here for a while, so i thought it would be nice to get together and call her over here just to say hi to us. :yes: So lets get together and say: Deco we miss you. Where are you?:search: :heart: :heart:
  2. Deco, where have you been? SHout out for Deco!
  3. Hollaback To Deco!!!
  4. Yo! Deco!
  5. I was wondering where she was, too!:confused1: DECO, WHERE ARE YOU???? Surely she hasn't went to another subforum.:sad:
  6. Looks like she's guilty of cheating on bbags...w/Fendi and goodness knows what else. ;) Come back to the dark side, Deco! ;)

    P.S. We miss your "boobies" and "thingies" (or lack thereof**).

    **lack of thingies, not boobies. ;)
  7. Yeah, I was thinking of her too!

    I only WISH I could disappear off the b-board! :wondering
  8. Hey, Deco where are you?? :confused1:
  9. Yes, Deco, your posts are always delightful, come visit the bal section more often!
  10. Me too!! She always had such yummy bags to show us. I particularly love her collection of metallics. Oh, Deco, where are you?
  11. Deco, you are the person who made me lust for metallics - where are you? :sad: Get your cute little tush back over here. ;)
  12. yup me too. wherefore art thou, Deco?
  13. Deco where are you?????
  14. Deco missing you over here girl....we need a refresher BBag family pic!! Although, it has been nice seeing you over on Fendi!!:graucho:
  15. OMG! You guys are so sweet! :tender:This made me tear up :cry: . I miss you all too. Believe me, I haven't abandoned my love for Bbags, and have not forgotten my friends here. I've been so insanely busy at work, round the clock for weeks, I haven't had any time to read or post here. Also in the middle of a massive closet expansion and remodel :graucho: . I've had so much on my plate.:sad:

    I have not been cheating on Bal! If anything, I've been perfecting my collection and will soon do a new updated reveal, featuring what will soon be my new closet's Wall of Fame!

    Thank you all so much for your kind words. Warmed my heart in the middle of an unrelenting work day. Big THANK YOU and hugs and kisses to my doll friend Nanazy for starting this thread, and that most first class PFer, firstclass1, for PMing me to remind me to say hi to my friends. I promise I'll be back very soon with a vengeance:wlae: and with new yummy pics.

    Big :heart: :heart: to my sweet friends here. You're the best!