Calling Equalizer - which Choo did you get?

  1. Equalizer - was it the bone or plum LP Mahala? Or did the Malena grab you? Please tell us and post pics! :okay:
  2. Sorry I didn't get back to you guys!!!! I initially purchased the Bone Mahala. It was gorgeous, but the style didn't really suit my lifestyle. I sent it back, and they located a Plum Malena. I have a black Malena and love the style, so I decided to go with what I love. The Plum color is absolutely amazing. It is more burgundy IRL, and looks unbelievable on the Malena. I haven't worn it yet, (waiting for the true fall), but can't wait.

    I also just also received the Ring bag in Nude yesterday, which is a different color than the pictures on NAP. It is more of a Taupy/Tan. Love it as well! Of course I had the Ring bag in black already, so the style was no surprise.

    Cannot take pictures yet, as the hubby will kill me if he sees the newest acquisitions, so I have to wait until he is gone for a few hours.....

    Have to say, after purchasing numerous bags, the bags that are the most cutting edge, (without being outrageous), relatively lightweight, with the finest finish are the Jimmy Choo bags. Love them......
  3. Equalizer, is the Malena a good bag for work? It looks very structured and appears that it would be great for carrying papers, books, etc. without the worry that they would get smooshed (which tends to happen with more flexible bags like the Mahala). TIA for your input.
  4. I can't wait to see photos of the Ring bag!
  5. Equalizer - You have been a busy little bee! :whistle:

    Which Malena is it...the big one or the small one?

    Yep - Choo bags are the best! Pics, pics, pics, please.
  6. I agree, Choo bags are so different from other bags. I get the most compliments on them. Even my older ones...I love all the studs and rings and different leathers and straps. (oh!! that sounds kinda kinky:nuts:)
  7. Wow Equalizer that is So COOL:yahoo:

    I can see you have wonderful taste and I am so excited and happy for you:wlae: Can not wait to see photos of your AWESOME bags:nuts:

    But I know what you mean, I like to spring my newer additions on DH at a reasonable pace:sneaky:
  8. Sorry I didn't get back sooner....

    The Malena is the medium size, which is absolutely perfect for an everyday bag. The size is 14-1/2 x 10 x 6. The strap drop is about 10", and fits very comfortably over the shoulder.

    Chuggie: The Malena is a wonderful bag for work. It is sporty, stylish, and structured, so to me, it is the 'Ultimate' work bag. I have it in the medium, which is a great size for most everyday needs, but they do have it in a larger size, which is pretty big. Good size if you have more than the norm to lug into work.....
  9. Thanks for the response. I think that the medium size is all I would need. Now, I just have to find a good excuse to get another bag (i.e. I must convince the DH of the necessity of yet another bag :graucho:).
  10. Chuggie:

    Completely understand. DH does not understand anything woman do. Thank g** I had my own credit card from the beginning of the marriage. It would have never survived it otherwise!