Calling Ellipse Owners, need ur help plz! ^__^

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Surviver of the fittest-PM or MM?

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  1. I'm debating between mm or pm. As I recall MM, it's quite large, taller than Speedy 30 I believe, but not sure how small the PM is since none of local LV have left over stocks :crybaby: Will appreciate if Ellipse owners can post some model pix or how much it fit inside :flowers:

    I need it to fit Damier Agenda MM, Panda pochette, phone, and some wiggle room for ellipse mini or wapity (haven't decide which of the two to get yet). Really hope PM will fit, but might upgrade to MM if have to....thanks for you input! :cutesy:
  2. I vote for MM :tup: My mommy has it and she can bring all of her stuffs even small umbrella :p
  3. is it not too big? i really want the PM, but given i might have to get it second hand, i really need to be sure on the size before purchase.
  4. Sorry I don't own one but have seen the MM and PM, the PM may not fit what you have.
  5. No, it's not too big. IT's so roomy but from outside, I won't look bulky our tooo huge :smile:
  6. PM is quite deceivingly a large capacity bag. go to a shop and try the PM out.

    I found the MM too overpowering for my frame.
  7. Hi! I have the PM but no modeling pics but I'm quite sure the panda pochette will not fit in it or probably just the pochette without the wapity and you have to put the pochette standing up - I hope I'm making sense here. If you do need the bag to be a little roomy, the MM would probably be better coz the PM would be a tight fit and you'll probably end up scratching your hand against the zipper just like I do.

    My PM can only fit the mini-pochette, pocket agenda, koala wallet, nokia N95, flat pouch and keys. With this stuff in it - it's a little hard to look for stuff inside because it is structures and I sometimes scratch my hand on the zipper. Despite these, I LVoe my ellipse. LOL! the things we have to endure for out bags :nuts:

    If you're 5'4" and >, the MM would look better on you. I'm 5'1" btw
  8. I own the PM. I am confused, you are saying you want to fit all this stuff in there: I need it to fit Damier Agenda MM, Panda pochette, phone, and some wiggle room for ellipse mini or wapity. The Panda pochette and the Ellipse Mini are small handbags themselves. That just seems crazy to me! I can imagine wanting to fit a cles and a cosmetic bag, but the two pieces you want to put in will stuff it. If I have time I will take some "what fits inside pics" for you later today. Cause now I am curious!
  9. PM! I believe it is back in stock at both eLux and I like the MM but found it a little too large. The PM size is deceiving. It holds more than you think it would. Mine holds my mini pochette, koala wallet, cles w/keys (hiding behind card holder), lodis card/receipt holder, small cosmetics case (not in photo), and large Oliver Peoples sunglasses case. Here is pic:


    You can't go wrong w/either size, but I think the PM is more of a classic. Just my opinion. I :heart: the Ellipse in both sizes.
  10. hmm.....i like the pm
  11. I can't compare a PM and MM but here's a "family" photo of all of our LV bags. You can see that my MM is pretty big. I actually have it sitting with my Azur Berkeley and they are pretty darn close to the same size (Berkeley is too new for group photo). They are both in a tanning process lol!
    The MM is really a large handbag and I am surprised how much stuff goes in there. I also purchased a shoulder strap in mono canvas rather than vachetta because I was afraid the colors would never be the same.
    Hope this helps.
  12. The PM definately won't hold all that stuff. It's just too small. You need the MM. You'll love the size and convenience of the MM too. It really doesn't look that big when you are wearing it (I suspect it's because of all the curves) however, it holds a ton.
  13. I prefer the MM size. It holds a ton w/room to spare.
  14. I have both the PM and the MM and for what you want to fit, I would go for the MM.
    I love my Ellipses:smile:
  15. I thought I wanted the MM, but when I tried both, I went with the PM, it can hold quite a bit. Definitely try both on if you can. But if you are going to carry the items you mentioned, definitely go up to the MM.

    Here's a pic of the mini ellipse and the PM next to each other.