calling eburo please!!!!

  1. hi, i notice you live in london, and often go to the bv stores. i desperately want a limo coloured bag. have you sen any on your travels? and if so which styles. hope you can help.
  2. Hi raz96, BV Sloane St still have a few limo bags in stock. In fact, I bought a limo chain bag (not the official name) from them two months ago. I'll try to find my camera charger this afternoon and post some pics. Otherwise, call Lucca or Adriana at the store and give them my name if you wish (Ebru) and I'm sure they'll be v.helpful.
    The limo bag goes with any and every colour, it really is a neutral basic. I bought a limo belt as well and they really summer-ise any outfit together.
    Bon chance and pls do not hesitate to let me know if I can be of further assistance.
  3. thanx, ever so much. i quite fancy the roma in limo, as i like quite a structured bag, . Werent you going to get that at one stage? i also really like the fully woven cocker, and bizzarly(because its not structured) the sloane. anyway i shall contac them tom., thanx for yor help. i wish i had your bags
  4. Roma limo was available only at Harrods, not the boutiques, which had it in old petra. The bag I bought in limo is a lot more practical for me on the shoulder, as I travel a fair bit. The sloane, again didn't sit too comfortably on my shoulder (maybe something wrong with my shoulder?!) I was at the boutique on Saturday as I re-bought the gold sandals I had returned (cuckoo, I know - r u reading this Ms Piggy???) and they had the sloane in exotic leather. By the way, SALE STARTS third wk of June. PM me if you want a second opinion when you're looking at the bags!
  5. oh. i didnt know harrods sold bottega. i might give them a ring. i know what you mean, handbags always seem to slip off my shoulder, it drives me mad!!! that why i end up buying bags i can carry in my hands or arms. sadly the only travelling i do these days, is the school run.
  6. just called harrods, sadly they havent got any romas at the mo:sweatdrop: . i have to call again tomorrow because they are getting more stock in. really helpful SA called Glen helped me. ill let you know when i have futher news
  7. :upsidedown: ... we've (well, at least I have) all been there. S'pore sold out the peep toed pumps I wanted. :cry:
  8. i know its so sad:sad: , i decide on exactly what i want, then its gone!!!! however, i might still get som good news. and i still have my pink french wallet to look forward to.:smile: im def going to get something in limo though, i have seen a sloane, which the SA of the store told me will have 15% off, if i can wait until tuesday to order it.
  9. Hi there. Sorry to barge in, but I was wondering if either of you Uk gals had seen a poudre Julie or cocker on your travels to the BV boutiques. TIA
  10. hi, sorry i havent actually been to any or the stores. i am off to london in a couple of weeks. have you phoned either of the london stores, or harrods, which i have just found out stocks bottega thanks to eburo.
  11. Thanks raz. I will give them a call. By the way, I think Matches has the limo Sloane online...if thats what you are looking for.
  12. i would really love a cocker in limo, but they dont exist, well not yet anyway
  13. That is always my problem! Are you sure it doesn't exist. I know that Harrods sometimes have bags in colours that the boutiques don't get. Maybe your limo cocker is out there somewhere waiting for you!
  14. i shall ring them again tomorrow and see, apparently i can have one made by special order, but its an extra 30% on top of the normal price. ouch!!!
  15. Yes, that is a definite ouch. I was reading another Bottega thread where they were discussing a price increase that will be taking place very soon.