Calling DR KELLYBAG!!!!!!

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  1. Emergency!

    Just found a Blumarine jacket at one of my favourite stores that I just LOVE...........$$ could go to my Kellybag!:amazed:

    Please help me to not buy this jacket!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. You have reached angie at Dr. Kellybag's answering service.
    All calls received of this nature are immediately answered like this:
    Blumarine is stunning, however, Kr. Kellybags team of Hermes residents strongly advise against the bluemarine purchase.
    Note: It is healthy to wisely dip into your fund occasionally.
  3. Think of it this way, you'll get your money bag if you decide to resell the Hermes, won't happen with the Blumarine.
  4. Don't!!! Close your eyes, get yourself a magazine instead, go back home and think about something else.

    The itch should be gone after two days. If not, I recommend tryin gto materilaise your Hermes baby: print a picture of it, write about the reasons why you really wan to have it and why you are ready to make some sacrifices for it. Visualize your Hermes bag and how you will get to have it.

    Be brave!!! :lol:
  5. Thanks Girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    If anyone has a chance of that Hermes in her hand it is you. You have a boutique that seems to have beautiful things and NOT MUCH COMPETITION!!!! Instead of shopping for other things...visit the SA's and work it baby.

    You will be over that jacket by the end of the me. Find another simple jacket that can do its best to take the place.

    I have had my birkin money sitting in an account for is so tempting to spend it, but you need to have it when the bag lands in front of you. It will be so worth it. I am actually stashing for the bag that will come after that bag or another luxury goodie after my birkin. You realize after awhile you don't need all the amazing things you see. You only need a select few pieces.

    Stay strong!
  7. Thanks KB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:flowers:

  8. SO true.:yes:
  9. consider this: if you wait 6 months, or even 3 the jacket will likely be gone. the kelly will not. why? i think the design house is telling you quite blatantly which one has staying power, true value, consistent appeal.
  10. Amen, KB!!

    Kristie, hold out girl!!!
    I went through this not long ago (shoes, no doubt) and was so glad I didn't take the plunge. Secure your dream bag(s) first then move back to designer duds. :smile:
  11. Good Morning, Kristie! (Well, it's morning over here....)

    Don't reach into your pocket for the checkbook just yet. The jacket must be very pretty for you to want it BUT your Kelly is just around the corner....wait....wait....the Kelly will make you happier every day than the jacket. Trust me.:flowers:
    Every girl should have a black box Kelly..... :yes:
  12. What I do sometimes is I put the money in short term CDs so I won't be tempted to touch it. Come to think of it, I have 11K of store credit that I could've used to accumulate interests ...
  13. Good advice, Doc!!;) Stay strong, Kristie, and keep picturing that Box Kelly!!:graucho: :lol: :flowers:
  14. Stay strong and go visit an Hermes boutique! I find whenever I go there, I re-inforce the fact that I want NOTHING else!
  15. Frenchie...oh so wise!