Calling desmayo cat eye sunglass owners..please

  1. I'm so sad - I can't get my desmayo sunglasses to fit properly. Did you have to do anything special to get it to sit well on your nose/face? Do you think an optical center will help adjust it for me for free? I am resisting possibly returning it since the nose pads continue to create dents in my nose bridge :s. I've altered it every which way and it still doesn't work *sob* it's just so pretty though!
  2. hmmm... ya, one of my LV sunnies don't fit very well either and it's always "dropping" cuz the arms are a bit long. I asked LV if they can alter it with that heating machine used by optometrists and they said no... They suggested that I go elsewhere to get it adjusted to my face since they can't do anything about it...
  3. I decided it was just too much drama for a pair of sunglasses. So I went and exchanged it for a monogram shawl which I love. :p
  4. ooh congrats! a shawl is just as great! lol:biggrin: