Calling Denim Neo Speedy owners!!! Your knowledge is NEEDED!

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  1. :tup:Good Morning from FOGGY Barrow!

    I am wondering if any of you experience THIS-


    The circled area is a crease- do the creases come out? As in- Speedy 30 has creases that come out eventually?

    Thank you so much ladies! (and BTW- I LOVE the new smileys!!! cute!)
  2. I'm sure once there is stuff in your bag it will come out.
  3. Mine creases like that on one side. I find myself always adjusting it when I sit it down. If you keep your bag filled it should help.
  4. yep mine does that as well, and tbh i hate it i keep meaning to put cardboard in the bottom! xx
  5. Thanks ladies!
  6. Really, Hmmm guess i should look at the bottom of my bag when its fulled and see if it still does it.
  7. can anybody check their care booklet.... I'm wondering if this can be steamed out (I hear the gasps if I'm COMPLETELY wrong)
  8. mine does that too (only when it's put upside down like that) but i'm not worried too much cuz when i carry it, it sags down like usual :smile: