Calling David Yurman Watch Owner

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  1. Hi there,

    Any ladies or gentlemen here own DY watch? What model? What is your opinion of it? Do you own another? Please compare to Rolex/Cartier/Franck Muller

    I saw DY 18KT bracelet and diamond bezel watch and I am falling in love with it.:drool: It's a little pricey around $14,000. I own a couple rolexes and a franck muller, but I don't know anything about DY watch. DY good watch maker?

    Please share your experience with DY watch.
  2. I know we got David Yurman watch owner in here. C'come.... i am going crazy.
  3. I have a DY watch. I've had it for a couple of years. It it the thunderbird with 18K gold and silver with the white face. I love it. I love the way it feels and love to play with the cables when I'm in meetings. I get alot of compliments on the watch. I do wish I had purchased the mother of pearl with diamonds but at the time this is what I could afford. However I am still very happy with my choice.
  4. I love David Yurman and have many jewelry pieces. Having said that, my jeweler convinced me not to buy a DY watch. He said they had many problems with it and felt I could get a much better watch for the price-point.
  5. I have a David Yurman men's watch--the watch on the left. It is an automatic. It is about 6 years old and I really love it. I haven't had any problems with it.

  6. I never had any problems with mine either. I purchased at Nordstrom's and had the battery replaced last year but that's about it
  7. sfgirl, pics please.
  8. Your DY is very sporty and cool! I like the black cable bracelette. And love your Franck Muller.

    Compare the DY and FM, which one do you like better?
  9. ^^lol--I can't pick one! I love them both!!
  10. I have a few DY watches and a rolex. I wear the Yurman it! Never had any issues with them. My husband also has Yurman watches and loves them!
  11. There is a brand new one called the classic. It is either 30mm or 37mm. Perhaps someone can post pictures.
  12. I just found these pics of the "classic" style on I like the look!

    These are some of the women's 38 mm

    This is a women's 30 mm

  13. Do you think it is a no-brainer that ballon bleu is prettier?
  14. ^I think these DY watches are gorgeous, but I would buy a ballon bleu before one of these.
  15. Yeah I agree. Do you think I should return my impulse buy of the gold Glam Rock watch from Nordstroms?
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