Calling croisette owners :-)

  1. Hello again LVoelies

    Would like to ask anyone who has tried on or owns the croisette for mod shots, pros, and cons of the bag. I'm considering this one for my next lv purchase but am not having much luck finding a lot about it. I checked the clubhouse and there are a lot of pictures of the bag but not many modeling shots. I'm 5'7" and about 130lbs. I'm mainly wondering will this bag look to big/small for me. I don't have a store close to me so trying it on really isn't an option. I mainly order online. Thank you sweet LV lovers for all your help and guidance as always
  2. I tried this bag on recently at the boutique ~ It is very similar in size to the Pouchette Metis. There might even be a little more space based on the fact that there are no dividers in the bag. Unfortunately I don't have it here, as I was still deciding whether or not to purchase it.... kind of kicking myself though for not picking it up in Hawaii with the 10% cheaper prices and 4% sales tax... lol.
    I am about 5'5 and 107# ... the bag was not too big or too small. I think that it would be a nice size on you! I am really considering it.
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  3. Thank you so much for your reply. It's so hard not having a store near me. I've also never seen the PM in real life. I'm so intrigued by this bag lol but I want to get more info before I jump in. Good luck deciding and thank you again
  4. No problem ~ HTH. If I do buy one anytime soon, I will be sure to post a mod shot for you. If you order and don't like it, you can always return. I will say that the pics don't do this bag justice!

    Love your username BTW :smile:
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  5. Thank you. I'm always nervous with buying online and returning bc I've read horror stories about packages getting lost in transit etc.

    It's such a cute, versatile little bag. It's been on my radar. I was just hoping for some more info before I just dove in lol.

    Thank you. I have a 4 year old and an almost 2 year old. I need coffee morning and midday to keep up with them
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  6. I have both the Croisette and the PM. The PM is actually a tad biigger in size and can hold more than the Croisette. For your height and weight the bag will not look small. Of course we all carry our weight in different areas. But either way I think the size on you would not be bad. Now if your torso is long then the cross body strap may be a tad short. I am at least five inches shorter than you and the bag hits me right at my hips cross body. As far as what can fit (if positioned properly): zippy coin purse, key Pouch (cles), mini pouchette (with lipstick,mirror, lotion and keys inside), Kleenex small purse size and an iPhone 7 plus with case. Quit roomy.

    I would definitely recommend going in to try the bag on for yourself. I can give you my thoughts but you still need to see and make that judgment call. The only con I have on the bag is the handle that does not lay down - a bit of an issue going in and out of when wearing. If it were not for the handle I'd buy the Ebene one too.

    Good luck deciding! Sorry do not have any mod shots for you.
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    Hi! I'm 5' 7" about 125 lbs. I took this shot of the croisette in DE and DA in the store. I think the bag is adorable and hits just at the right spot. It's also great that you can wear crossbody or with just the top handle. Makes it versatile for casual or dressier looks! It seemed roomy enough to comfortably carry the essentials. Hope the pics are helpful!
    IMG_3814.JPG FullSizeRender-1.jpg
  8. Thank you so much for your response. It helps a great just by you telling me what you can fit inside. I can picture the size better knowing what fits.
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  9. These are great pictures thank you so much. I'm definitely putting this cutie on my list. Now to decide ebene or azur??? Lol
  10. there are quite a few nice videos on youtube, have you watched some?
  11. I have not. To be honest I didn't even think to check there. Thank you!
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  12. Has anyone compared the Favorite MM to the Croisette? I love both but do not live near a store. I'm wondering if they hold about the same amount of items
  13. Favorite MM = Mini Pouchette (with lipstick, mirror, lotion, and keys inside), Key Pouch (Cles) with ID and about three cards maybe some cash inside, Kleenex, iPod touch in small pocket and iPhone 7 Plus.

    Croisette = The Above plus zippy coin purse which will have my regular cards inside, sunglasses sit perfectly on top without being crushed. Even my Kindle Oasis if I need it.
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  14. Thank you so much! This helps a lot. I'm trying to decide between the 2. I have a Turenne PM that I usually carry as a crossbody, but wanted one in DE. Do you prefer your Favorite MM or Croisette?
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    Well I use them at different times.. For one my Croisette is Azur and honestly while I love it the handle sticking straight up is an issue for me. Still love it and use a lot but as beautiful as the Ebene is I wouldn't buy another. So I guess my answer is I prefer the Favorite MM just cannot carry as much but it fits what I need when carrying a smaller bag. Also have a chain extender from LV for my Favorite to use the chain strap but have it hang a tad lower like a shoulder bag. The good thing about both bags is the strap is removable allowing you to use other strap options. The Favorite would be more appropriate for a semi formal or even formal setting with the chain strap.