Calling Constance Carriers

  1. Thank you bluewin!!!:smile:
  2. Miete, yes, the 18cm has longer straps than the 23cm. You can wear it messenger on the 18cm (not really for me though Im 5'9 and its a little bit short).

    My 18cm which of course is double gusset and my 23cm with one gusset hold about the same. The only thing is the 23 is larger so if its a larger item then it makes a difference. But capacity wise, they hold about the same. That gusset makes a BIG difference.

    About your question about the folds staying when you switch it from double to single, yes you can see the folds slightly BUT once you put items in your bag the weight helps pull it down and its not really noticeable.
  3. Thanks Luccibag!
  5. In violet with GHW:love:
  6. Thank you so much for this info, Lisa! I wondered which leathers it would come in.
  7. :graucho::buttercup:
  8. do u have any pics?
  9. well I know we all don't need enabling as constance is such a beautiful bag.... No harm seeing beautiful pics right:smile:

    my 23cm black box constance with favourite cadbury mini eggs (a pack a day, no joke, and that's breakfast, on the way to work hahaha)

    Dear coll prune box 18cm constance, with her vintage medor belt
    BlackBox Constance.jpg Prune Box Constance.jpg
  10. cadbury mini eggs :nuts:
    all these box constances are haunting me, i don't know which one i like better :drool: (no worries, i won't drool on to box leather :biggrin:)
  11. bluewin - i bought more mini eggs today
    from australia and UK... different packaging hahhah

    and yes u NEED a box constance
  12. Bluewin and FannaticSydney I sadly have yet to own a bag in a non-neutral H color.:sad:But:graucho:if I did I think it would be a Constance Elan in Violet Tadelakt with GHW!!:love:
  13. Julide - GHW is the way to go especially with violet. I saw violet kelly cut with GHW at FSH last year, it's TDF :love: If not for the fact i blew up my shopping budget, she will go home with me
  14. Robee I love the way you shop!!!:supacool:not a cent left over!!:biggrin:I feel the need to shop like that!!!!:p