Calling computer geeks: self alphabetizing computer program?

  1. We own a ton of DVDs and hubby would like to have an alphabetized list of them. I personally do not want to sit here and type out the name of every single DVD we own and also alphabetize it! Is there a computer program out there, either to buy or for free, that would do this for me? Something where I can just type the list up and it will put everything into alphabetical order for me? And would do the same for movies added to the list later on?

  2. easy easy!
    just type out a list in a microsoft Word document (the usual word processing program), one after the other on different lines;
    then highlight the lot, go to [Table] in the menu bar on top, go to [Sort] (near the bottom of the list), and the dialog box will pop up. select to "sort by" Paragraphs, press enter, and voila!
    (or simply highlight the lot, press Alt-A-S, enter, for the same thing)

    when you add new things on to the list, just highlight the list and re-sort it again using these same steps.
  3. oh, and Excel, the spreadsheet program, will also do the same thing.
    a list, each item on different lines - select Data (from the menu), Sort (first option). (or, the A->Z button on the toolbar)

    but in Word, it's a bit easier to dress up the fonts and the page etc, make it pretty =)
  4. It worked! I have WordPerfect-but, same concept-thank you!!