Calling Chloe Marcie and Paraty Lovers need your vote

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  1. I am splurging on either a medium Marcie Satchel or Paraty and want your opinions. I always thought I wanted the Paraty and I went and tried out the Marcie yesterday at nordstroms, both are such stylish bags. What is your vote? I'd like to get a red one. Can't decide, I read the other thread of chloe vs paraty but would love to hear from you. Did any of you marcie lovers have issues with the rolled handles staying on your shoulders?
  2. Paraty...
  3. no prob with the rolled handles, love the paraty! :smile:
  4. I have the Paraty - love it, great unique bag. ;)
  5. What a tough choice. I have both of these bags and love both of them! I've never had any issue with the rolled handle of the Marcie - actually I like them and thnk they are comfortable either on the shoulder or on the arm if you carry it as a satchel. The Paraty is a unique shape and also comfortable to carry either way. The one real difference in terms of how you can wear each bag is that the Marcie strap is long enough for the bag to be worn cross body but if you're tall, the Paraty strap is too short to wear the bag that way. It's not a drawback for me personally since I carry most bags in the crook of my arm but may be something to consider if you prefer that carry option. Sorry, I can't choose between the two to offer an opinion, but I hope this info helps a little. : )
  6. Marcie gets my vote ;)
  7. Definitely a paraty! I just bought one in medium and I'm loving it! I got mine in holly berry and I think there are different shades of red for the paraty so do your research first before getting it :P
  8. I love the look of the Marcie but ended up returning mine because I didn't like the stiff straps. I recently purchased the military paraty and couldn't be happier. The shoulder strap is so comfortable!
  9. My vote is for the Marcie Hobo.
  10. Paraty for me. The marcie is stylish but the shape and design of the paraty will always have my heart.
  11. Marcie! I have had three Marcie's and a paraty and the marcie is by far my favorite!
  12. Functionality is not a problem for either marcie or paraty. It's really a style decision you have to make.

    I own both, but personally I gravitate towards my paraty more. Don't know why. Maybe it's because I have a large marcie and I normally don't carry LARGE handbags that much.

    Marcie to me is more casual whereas a paraty can be dressed up or down. Think about your lifestyle and what you will mainly use the bag for. Red is a beautiful color btw. :graucho:
  13. Marcie for sure. :love:
  14. I'm in for Marcie as well. :loveeyes:
  15. So I decided for now to go with the Marci while I look for the perfect red in a Paraty. I had a chloe credit to use up and they ended up getting only one of the deep blue marcie, which is a dark navy. I'm just got it but I'm sort of on the fence, the style is nice and the gold hardware looks great with deep blue but I wonder if its too dark as I have so many black bags...thoughts? Should I keep or return?

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