Calling Cartier Love Bracelet Owners!! Please help me decide!!

Oct 15, 2009
1. Which one would you pick and why?

YG Love Bracelet (opened with a tiny screwdriver)
REF: 60081963



YG Open Bracelet
REF: B6032416

2. Is it comfy to wear it all the time on your wrist?

3. Please give me any Pro and Con that you can think of... :smile:

4. Should I wear it loose?

Thank you for your help:smile:



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What time is it?
Oct 30, 2007
1. I would pick the one with the screwdriver. Disclosure, I own it.

2. Is it comfy to wear it all the time on your wrist? Sometimes it will bother me a little bit when I'm trying to sleep on my side with my arm under my head. 99.9% of the time, I love having it there.

3. Please give me any Pro and Con that you can think of. Pros - Very hard to lose, classic, elegant, can be dressy or casual, very think and heavy, looks great alone or stacked, makes you feel fab! Cons - Known to set off airport security alarms, expensive.

4. Should I wear it loose? Yes, I love mine that way, I push it up my arm if I need it out of the way for cleaning or whatever.


What time is it?
Oct 30, 2007
Well, I got it on a Caribbean cruise in May (thanks to my wonderful Mother.) It actually set off the cruise security alarm, but they waived me through. It didn't set off the Ft. Lauderdale Airport alarm. I have heard if it does, the worst that happens is you get wanded / patted down.

Housework, I push it further up my arm and it will stick up there.

Scratches, I try to be careful, but my wedding band is all scratched up, and it still is beautiful to me, so I'll try to think of it as evidence of my journey. :smile:

So, have you visited the boutique yet?


Jun 19, 2007
I have the YG open cuff and I love it.
It would drive me crazy if I couldn't take it off when I wanted to.
I like to wear mine with my YG watch.
The only con is when you first buy it, it's hard to get on and off but as time goes by it's no problem at all. Don't let that scare you off :smile:
Oct 15, 2009
Thank you Lanasyogamama and Tosh
I havent try it on in the Boutique yet. I live in a city where is no Cartier Boutique. (Australia) But we will visit the Boutique on our next trip.
I bought C Motif identity bracelet from Melbourne Boutique last year but didnt think of LOVE bracelet that time:smile:

This Forum is very helpful... keep inform my guys:smile:
Jan 29, 2007
I have the YG love bangle that fastens with the screw.
Is it comfy to wear it all the time on your wrist? Yes! I wear it all the time and the only time it bugs me a little is when I try to sleep on my side (as someone already stated). Doesn't bother me at any other time. I wear it on my right wrist alone.

Pros and Cons? Pros are it looks fantastic, classic and elegant. It's a substantial piece of jewelry. Cons- expensive.

wear it loose? I wear a size 16. I have small wrists and this sits perfectly. I can even still twirl it on my wrist. It's all on how you feel comfortable with it. When you do visit the boutique I would try on different sizes and see which feels better to you. Have fun shopping!!!


Daddy's Little Girl
Feb 11, 2008
1. i would pick the one with the screwdriver. since i already own one, i am a bit biased on this.

2. Is it comfy to wear it all the time on your wrist? i've had mine for 2.5 years now and i am so used to it, it no longer bothers me. in fact, i honestly think i would feel naked without it.

3. Please give me any Pro and Con that you can think of. Pros - i love what it represents, which for me, is why i prefer it to the cuff. the one time i took it off to have it polished, i made sure my husband screwed it right back on for the sentimental value of it.

Cons - as others have said, the ONLY con for me is it always goes off in any sort of airport security (for me, anyway), even when i was getting my passport at the passport agency, it went off in the metal detector. but, knowing this happens every time i travel, i now allow that much more time and expect that i will be wanded.

4. Should I wear it loose? i guess that's a personal preference, and only you can answer that yourself. i prefer mine more snug and right at my wrist. it can't go up much farther at all, which i like, but it's not too tight either.

it's a shame you can't go to a cartier boutique because they have sizers that you can try on for sizing reference (like ring sizers). they won't let you try on the actual bracelet (unless you buy it), so those sizers are great indicators on how it would fit.

out of curiosity, since you don't live near a boutique, would you just call them and order it on the phone?

good luck with your decision and be sure to post your choice.


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May 8, 2006
I have and love both. THe size of the cuff (open) is slightly smaller than the full bracelet so just need to be careful about the sizing.

I have both stacked on my right wrist for almost two years now, and haven't taken it off since, feel its part of me now, LOL