Calling Camilia Wedges/Slingback owners

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  1. I'm planning to get the wedges soon but haven't tried it IRL, so for you ladies who already bought this.. is this TTS or runs 1/2 size smaller? and is this comfy? any pro/con about this?? sorry for asking so many qs, I don't live anywhere near Chanel boutique and also don't wanna do the hassle of returning things..TIA
  2. i just got them and they run TTS to me...very comfy--i got the slingback wedges with the camelia...its a lower heel height and easier to walk in for me :smile:
  3. I went up in the wedges, actually a whole size, but it gave me extra room in the back. I need "growing room" in case I have another baby and my feet grow again! ;)
  4. I tried them on and also found they ran true. The only thing I wondered about was on the insole there is I believe cork and then it transitions to leather at the ball of the foot. I thought it might have been better to use leather all the way or not to change surfaces at that point on the foot. But if it became a problem, one could rig up something to smooth that transition, if need be. Definitely a cute shoe, but the price point seems steep for a summer wedge. (Again, that's just me.)
  5. does anyone know how much the mule is?
  6. I bought the wedge and had to go up a whole size, other than that they are great and comfortable.
  7. wow..ehmm..pretty risky if just buy it over the phone.. anyone know the return/exchange policy for BG? I'm 7.5 size. Should I go 8?? my feet is wide in front but ugly hehehe
  8. cory your is also pretty.. but i rarely use just bothers me..that's why i choose wedges ..but i just notice is a bit higher than the slingback
  9. I have a wide toe box so they felt weird for me, I also have a high arch and the vamp part was to much . I like the ones with the back on much better, the vamp ( the part on the top of your foot isnt as large). I think the wegdes are good for someone who has long feet and toes,you could harley see my toes either , didnt fit me right.
  10. sjunky: thanks for the help me alot since I couldn't try it.