Calling cadena experts

  1. I have never seen or heard of these cadenas until now. They are not listed in the hermes reference section. Can anyone tell me more information about these little gems?
    cadena 1.jpg cadenas 2.jpg cadenas 3.jpg
  2. i think the bag charm is not really a cadenas but a charm from a bracelet/necklace...the pelican i have seen before. interesting.

    i took another look and i take that back, the bag charm has the little screw thingie on it where you unscrew it to put it on your bag...but i have seen charms like it that do not have that, i think they come from necklaces/jewelery as previously stated.
  3. Is the pelican marked 'Hermes' anywhere? Or 'Pelikan'?
  4. the compass is from the year of the road -- 1995. it's sterling (as i believe are they all) and i seem to recall it was not sold but given as a gift in a press kit, or something like that.

    here's a closeup:

  5. I have seen all but one before, and if I am not mistaken I think several of them are sterling. I am almost positive that the Kelly bag one is sterling.
    The only one I have never seen before is the little "Trojan horse" looking one.

    These are not sold in the "main floor" area of most boutiques--if they have them at all in a particular store, they are sold in the same area as watches & fine jewelry. If you have a chance, you could call Moosa at Madison Avenue and ask him about them.
  6. The little Kelly charm was also given out as a gift to VIPs...I don't have one, so I don't know what year, but it should be written somewhere on the charm. Edited to add that this Kelly is not the same as the sterling Kelly charm with the chain that can hooked on to the bag and was sold in boutiques, I don't know if this one is sterling or not.
  7. Grands Fonds has the pelican and the 3-D horse -- perhaps she knows something about them. i think the kelly bag was from the year they did all the tuareg silver -- there was a keychain like it as well. the flat horse one i've only seen in an auction catalog, and there was no information about it.
  8. ^^No, I don't think the one in the auction you posted is the same one as that in the pic, LTC showed. I definitely do not want to needlessly quibble and you know that, but there are two versions of this. One is the Kelly bag charm which was sold all over in stores worldwide and attached via a chain to bags and the other was given out to VIPs and attached just like all the other cadenas and opened w/ the push-down function. If you look in LTC's pic this Kelly cadena does not have the chain has does have the pushdown function, hope I am making sense.....

    Also, these seem to be a collection of VIP charms/cadenas and therefore it would be in keeping ith that if these was also another one of those.
  9. lot n° 854 in the spring Gross & Delettre auction was the flat horsie one -- the lot info says it was called "Carpe Diem" and issued in 1994

  10. Ah you are correct. Good eyes!
  11. I truly love you girls :heart:. Don't laugh. I meant it!

    I can hardly remember the days when I am out and about searching/obsessing over unique H goods all on my own. With tPF, I just have to ask and learn!!!

    DQ - How much was it sold for?
  12. 280 euros -- i think that includes the 17% buyer's premium and VAT. the sterling ones go for a pretty penny when they (rarely) show up on eBay, so that was a bargain.
  13. what is the upside-downy looking one? lion, zebra?
  14. Not at all, Cyn, ;) -- I actually have terrible eyesight, in fact...A few years ago, I had a heavy flirtation w/ the bag charms and desperately wanted the Kelly-bag pillbox. I almost bought the Kelly bag charm instead and when I went back for it, it was too late and they had all been forwarded to NYC for their sale.....One of my few Hermes regrets, but I don't own any actual Kellys so it might have been out of place:smile:.
    And we love you and (your Barenia) as well, LTC, :heart:!!