Calling Business/Math/Statistics Majors!

  1. Hi, I'm currently a Business (Finance concentration) major with double major in Biometry and Statistics and a minor in Mathematics. I want to go into investment banking, trading specifically. But, if that doesn't work out, what else can I be? Tell me what you guys are doing (besides a SAHM, I'm not ready yet lol). Thank you!
  2. You can also be Financial Advisor. You need to know tax rules though. Get CPA if you can. Work for someone for 2 years then open your own business.
  3. ^^^Agree:yes:

    You could also look into careers in actuarial science, venture capital, accounting/auditing, policy analysis, or management consulting (the big firms LOVE people with analytical/quantitative skills)

    Does your university have a career center? Talk with a counselor and utilize their resources.

    Good luck! :flowers:
  4. Yup I talked to counselor already. But, to me, besids actuarial science, venture capital, accounting, policy alanysis, consulting, and FA all seem very boring (sorry no offense). I've explored some of them too by talking to the people in the field. Sigh, oh well, boring as long as I can make money right? Lol...
  5. I'm in business school but nowhere near finished yet (nor am I sure I ever will be, it's honestly boring me to tears) but if I ever use it for something I'll probably start my own business. I haven't even looked into the alternatives yet *yawn* =p
  6. No about looking at what you think you might like to do. Like if you could design the "perfect" job for you, what would it entail in terms of daily responsibilities, career growth opportunities, etc? Perhaps by examining what gets you excited can help you move toward a particular field.

    I know someone who did this. He graduated with an engineering degree from a prestigious university but knew he didn't want to "do engineering." He did some thorough self-examination and found what he really loved to do is to work with his hands. Within 6 months of graduating with his BS, he enrolled in a trade school for construction/general contracting, and that's what he does today and LOVES it (he's now 40).

    At first his parents were shocked and puzzled, but since he loves what he does and is successful at it, they have become completely supportive.

    Good luck!
  7. You can do almost anything. Your quant undergrad degree shows that you are smart.

    Good luck!