Calling Bay Area Girls

  1. Just to let you know bloomingdales in SF is presaling a TON of chloe bags for 30% off. There are patent betty bags, edith satchels, and a ton of silverados.
  2. Thanks...I'll go check it out today!!

  3. If they were 75 percent off I'd buy a plane ticket!!!!!:graucho:
  4. tnx for the tip, and pls post here if u get any good deals!
  5. When does the actual sale begin? I'm going to Bloomies on Saturday.
  6. the private sale? 27th-29th.
  7. OMG... I just can't win, I don't need another bag. But I have no choice when they're on sale:drool: :shrugs:

    Thanks for the post!!!!