calling bag experts. pls ID this bag

  1. Help!!!!
    Any ideas as to what this is? is it a current item at H store or a discontinued item?
    It's 26cm x 14.5cm x 5cm. Thx in advance.
    hermes bag1.jpg hermes bag 2.jpg hermes bag 3.jpg
  2. There is a bag with the same details on the sides called "East", and there is a clutch from the 80's with a very similar closure to that one, called "Faco"...that resemble your bag, but they're not exactly the same. I think you can already pick the era (wink!) but I'd say it's a box clutch, circa 1980's.
  3. are soooooo knowledgeble. I wish I could pack you in my birkin when I am out for some vintage H goods.

    Do you think i should get it? the trusted SA at my reseller says she could give me a great discount since there's a small black mark on the front. It's approx. USD430.
  4. If you like the bag and will wear it, why not? It's a great price if you like it. If you don't really use it then you could save that money for something else.
  5. I adore the colour and the leather, and even the style - there ain't nothing quite like vintage Hermes! I say go for it, too!
  6. I do love the shape, colour and leather of this vintage H. It's special. I just called my SA to tell her that I'll be taking that lovely clutch to dinner this weekend. :yahoo:

    Thanks for the advice.
  7. There were a series of bags designed by a Japanese designer during the 80's, there was the East, the West, well, you get the picture.