Calling B2625M owners please

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  1. Hi,

    I'm thinking of purchasing this bag, it's such a gorgeous colour, design and unique style, but still a bit undecided.

    I know it's a different leather, it's glacie calf, and when I went to see it yesterday the leather is so much more delicate than the saffiano. The SA said its a new design and this seasons colour. But it's more high maintenance compared to the saffiano leather as if it gets wet it will stain. Does anyone have this bag, and any comments or recommendations.

    Should I buy it? Or get something different. I love the shape of the bag, and the leather is so soft and beautiful. Not hard like the saffiano, but I am worried about the staining and also the fact that's high maintenance. Also, it will scratch easier as well I'm told. I'm so confused. Should I get it, or wait for something else.

    Any ideas, suggestions, or recommendations as greatly appreciated.

    I'm after a casual bag, work, going out for friends, and can also wear as a crossbody bag.

    Any help would be great.

    Thanks, all.:smile:
  2. I saw this bag and thought it was pretty too. I guess it depends if you are careful with your bags?
  3. I am, but I don't want to baby it. Also do you think it will be a classic, and last the time? Or is it a seasonal type of bag?
  4. I agree with you it definitely is a pretty bag. It reminds me of the Celine Mini Luggage. I think if your looking for everyday bag, you will have to baby it since you said the leather is soft so I guess you will have to decide if that's what you want to do. As far as being a classic, I think the wings make it a little trendy but if that's ok with you and you love the bag go for it!
  5. I think it's incredibly beautiful, so my instinct is "go for it!" Although I don't always think about these things logically, and am driven by emotion (SO PRETTY) rather than logic. I've seen people mention a couple of good leather cleaners on here, so you could always go that route if something happened...or take it to a professional to have it cleaned. Style wise, I think it looks functional and timeless.
  6. I have this one in beige (off white colour) with brown suede interior. Truly amazing, soft leather - but oh my god - the maintenance. When out, I need to be super-careful as it gets scratched very easily plus catches the colour of all my jeans (might not be that visible with your colour). Saffiano, on the other hand, have been heavily used for two years and still so scratches and discolouration (other than handles), can be worn in rain, and frankly speaking it is a heavy duty bag. Go ahead - but i would not recommend it as an every day bag...
  7. I just got this one in a dark gray color and I love it. Go with what you love!
  8. Here is a pic!

  9. That's gorgeous PurseChick77. That's for the picture.

    When I went back into the prada store to have a look at it again, I ended falling in love with a crossbody bag. Obviously I will still need a large everyday bag, but the crossbody seemed to draw me in. So I ended up going home, not buying anything yet. The crossbody I saw was BL0851, a mini bag. The promenade mini, in a pale blue or cameo, or orchid pink. All the colours are simply gorgeous, so I went home and am thinking what colour I should get.
  10. Choosing a colour among so many beautiful shades is a hard thing to do..i personally went to prada this week and ended up getting a new dtyl of big prada bag for everyday use in beautiful cobalt blue shade
  11. I agree with mdlchic77--the wings do make it a little trend imo.