Calling Australian Hermes ladies...

  1. Hi everyone,

    I've been skulking around the wings of this subforum a bit. I'm a longtime fan of Hermes bags but haven't yet made the leap into buying one, for a couple of reasons. I recently turned 24 and have been working fulltime for a year and a bit, so it is now time to start planning my bag collection.

    Can anyone help me with advice on how to get started? The nearest H store to me is at the Gold Coast but I have dealt with them a couple of times in the past and I didn't find their manner very, shall we say, inviting? I have always enjoyed any time spent in the Sydney store and I thought I would make some enquiries when I'm next in Sydney. Is there a waiting list? What is the average price for a Birkin in AUD now? I'm not looking for anything particularly outstanding, I'd like to start with something in black with either hardware.

    I'm something of a planner, so I'd like to get as much information as possible beforehand, and this is the best possible place to do it!

    Many thanks for your help - B
  2. Hey Bitten,

    Avg. price here for a 35 Birkin would be around $12-13K. I'm surprised you've had problems ith the Surfers store, the manager there is one of my favourite people!
  3. Thanks so much for replying! That's less than I was expecting actually, this may be more achievable than I thought :smile:

    I didn't have problems per se, the SA I dealt with at the GC store just wasn't particularly encouraging, which was a stark contrast to the staff at the Sydney store who were absolutely lovely. And I just thought, well, I want to build a relationship here, might as well try and do it with the store that made me feel so accommodated...

    Thanks again. B
  4. Hey, no probs!

    I can suggest some SA's in Syd if you like...PM me.

    That price would be for say a clemence or togo type leather.