calling Aussie bag lovers.. wanna share an Apple care order?

  1. so, everyone holds that Apple is THE only choice for caring for our delicate and precious designer handbags.. (cleaning, conditioning, protecting.. everything!);
    i've got a cream paddy and a balenciaga, so i really need this.

    Unfortunately though it's like a household name in the US, we can only get it here in Aus from, which charges US $30 per order to ship internationally;
    they now have a 20% off offer for Mother's Day, so this will be a good time to act...
    (the RRP is US $5 for 120ml bottle, $7 for 240ml.)

    So, I thought i might as well see if anyone wants to combine CPs; we'll save heaps on shipping and quantity..

    I plan to buy the Apple Leather Care 4L bottle for $60, and decant it into smaller new plastic bottles, as that would work out to only
    *US $1.50 for 120ml!
    (this is the conditioner, but it's an effective but gentle cleaner as well)
    (They come in plain plastic bottles anyway, with a very simple label, so it'd be exactly the same thing.)

    *Also the Leather Protector, which is a new product (works just like AppleGard, but is a lotion not a spray).. not on the site yet, but should be similarly priced..

    So if you're Aussie and have ever thought about caring for your designer leather stuff properly, this is the best opp ever.

    Final price of the Leather Care (includes local postage) will be AU $7 plus the intl postage cost (depends on how many CPs will share the postage).
    If the gallon thing doesn't work out, i'll just order the small bottles individually, and share postage with whoever wants in.

    PM me! Latest orders finalised by Fri 12 May please. =)