Calling are preggers and moms...

  1. Hello ladies I am just looking for some advice. I am reading What to expect when you're expecting, and I still want some people advice but nothing scary please. :shame:
    So here is what I've been feeling. The "girls" were OUCH!!! But they are better now (which is normal right?) and i've been tiered. I had the lower tummy aches which should be normal and besides that I've eaten some things that make hubby go :sick:, like I had chicken noodle soup with feta cheese. It was good but I guess it made hubby look ill.
    Anything is how much to pick up what not to pick up...
    I know suchi is out..(no problems there for me) :biggrin:.
    And the other day I was too tiered to go shopping...who would have ever thought!
    Oh yeah when did the nausea kick in for you guys...
    By the way smells...EWWWWWWWWWWWW everything is elevated! :sick:
  2. You Are Reading The Ultimate Book (My Husband & I Both Think So!)....Stay Away From Horror Stories (You Know This!) ~ Most Are "Old Wise Tales" Anyway! OK?! EVERYTHING You Are Experiencing Sounds VERY Right!!! The Smells/Tummy Aches/"The Girls"/Tiredness........EVERYTHING Sounds Right On Track.....Anything You Need ~ Post, PM Or Email ~ I'm Here! ~KARA ***OOh! On The Picking Up ~ I Would Just Ask Your Dr. (I Can't Remember)...But, I Bet Someone Else Here Will Have The Answer!!!
  3. What you experience is perfectly normal. I was so tired during the first 4 months that I could sleep everywhere and that your tummy and breasty ache is due to the hormons they are getting ready. I actually put on 5 kg in the first 12 weeks because I was just hungry the whole time. I drank tomatoe juice the whole time and until my pregnancy I hated Tomatoes or tomatoe juice. The funny thing is that my son has a crush on tomatoe juice since he was a year old:smile:
  4. Hi! Are you sure you are supposed to eat feta cheese? It might be unpasteurized and therefore off-limits to you now. Please check!
  5. OH the smells!
    My nose was so sensitive with both of my children (now teenagers), I couldn't tolerate anybody wearing perfume. I wore fragrance before my pregnancies. It took a few years after giving birth before I went back to wearing any.
    Also, I craved citrus juices and lemonaide all the way through. You are fine!!
  6. You are perfectly normal, sweetie. "What to Expect..." is the greatest book and really taught me a lot when I was pregnant years ago. I had twins so I was nauseus from 6 or 7 weeks through my entire pregnancy. I only gained 25 lbs b/c I couldn't keep much down, but they were healthy and perfect. the first 3 months is generally when you will feel the most tired. Listen to your body. You are doing great!
  7. Sounds like what you're going thru is normal to me. Everyone is a little bit different. I lost weight the first three months because I could barely eat a thing! There were times I couldn't keep down an apple or even water! I gained only 19 pounds the entire time being pregnant. My "morning sickness" lasted three months. Not pleasant.

    As far as the little pains, the best way I would describe it was that for a long time, I felt like that area down there was "under construction". Seriously. I could feel little things "happening" down there! It was the strangest feeling. I continued working the first three months and would come home take a shower, eat what ever I could hold down and fall into bed for like 12 hours! But, after three months things went perfectly smoothly for me. I felt really good!

    At three months I quit my job. Bought a new home and had tons of energy to prepare for the baby! Oh yeah, I drank gallons of pink grapefruit juice! It's the only thing I craved. But, to this day I still can't even think of certain foods without getting a sick feeling. And it's been almost 13 years!

    Some people never get morning sickness by the way. Let's hope you don't. And yes, the book, "What To Expect When You're Expecting" is wonderful!
  8. Everything sounds exactly like I remember it! Like printmodel, I was so nauseous that I lost weight in the beginning. My doc gave me a great tip for when I couldn't keep any solids down- drink Gatorade! I must have drank at least a gallon a day for the first 3 months.

    Enjoy it and get as much rest as you can!
  9. Sounds very normal to me - the aches, the nausea, the odd cravings - just the way it should be. The nausea gets better after the first 3 months, so does the sore breasts, but you might or might not feel tired around your tummy / hip area during the entire pregnancy. I used a "pregnancy support girdle" for my hips, that helped a lot. And I was so very tired the first months, but that got better too - don't worry, just rest as much as possible & listen to your body. And I agree - just avoid any horror-stories about the delivery, it's perfectly OK to refuse to listen to those (there are, oddly enough, always people who love to tell you every ghastly detail - just tell them to stop!)
  10. Sounds normal to me. :biggrin:

    The fatigue can be a pain, but it's your body's way of telling you to rest. It's working on the most important parts in the first trimester. :P

    You mentioned Sushi to stay away from. I also want to add cured lunch meats, which can harbor a bacteria called Listeria which is very dangerous to pregnant women. Also, too much tuna (more than once a week) is not good either due to the high mercury content.
  11. You are so normal!!! Please rest alot, you won't get much once the baby arrives for a couple of months or until the baby sleeps through the night.

    If you need anything, please PM...I am on my 4th and have a baby, toddler, and preschooler right I can help will all stages. I just wish I could rest..I'm so tired all the time, but hubby is away working for a few more weeks (been gone since Nov. most of the did I get pregnant? :smile: )

    Luckily the nausea should go away in the 2nd trimester as well as the sleepiness. Enjoy your regular clothes!!! :smile:
  12. Oh ya, and stay away from all soft cheeses...if you are going to nurse eat all the garlic, broccoli, and spicy foods you can now (if that sounds good), you will have to take a break from those after the baby arrives.
  13. First, go get the Girlfriend's Guide to Pregnancy-not only will it make you laugh your butt off, but has excellent advice (to use in conjunction with What to Expect). Also is an excellent resource!!! Check it out! And there is also a community there which is VERY helpful (and you can track your pregnancy week by week and learn about the baby's development at each point- it's really cool)!

    Second, talk to your doctor. I found that each doc has different dietary restrictions. For example, my doc said it was fine for me to have coffee (1 cup) per day, splenda but to stay away from raw fish, smoked fish, and undercooked meats. I also had to heat up my turkey cold cuts for 30 seconds to prevent listeria. My doc said no unpasteurized cheese, but feta was ok as long as it was pasteurized. Just check the label. My friend's doc told her she could eat feta (even if not pasteurized) but to avoid other soft cheeses, and also told her no splenda but equal was ok?

    During my first trimester though, I ate pretty much saltines, ginger ale (ginger is another food that you have to be careful as far as quantity), chocolate and anything with cheese on it (also had a weird craving for Kentucky Fried Chicken, but could not bring myself to ever eat it). Once I hit 14 weeks- I was feeling like a new person. Had way more energy and my appetite came back with a vengence! :smile: Had a lot of fun!

    I also breast fed. I ate pretty much anything except for foods that made me "gassy" because it would make my baby gassy. It's a lot of trial and error- but again, you should really talk to your doctor to find out what is right for you.

    As for cramping during the first trimester, totally normal. A good rule of thumb is that if you have cramping with bleeding- call your doctor!!! I had implantation bleeding so I called the doctor a lot (b/c it came with cramping) and eventually had plecenta previa which resolved by the 6th month. So, it's important that you call you doctor if you have ANY concerns- that is what they are there for, and it is ALWAYS better to be safe than sorry!!!

    Please feel free to PM me if you have any questions or if I can help with anything! This is such an exciting time!!! I am so happy for you!
  14. Alot of great advice Jag!!

    I forgot to mention that the Baby Whisperer was a great resource for me, its helpful to read in the 3rd trimester, before the baby comes. Alot of people swear by BabyWise, but I like the Baby Whisperer approach, worked with all 3 kids :smile:. The author died of breast cancer not too long ago, she use write on the forum of the website, . I find it very helpful!!!
  15. Sounds completely normal to me. I am a mom of three - a 7 yr old, 3yr old, and almost 2 yr. old, and I remember be so exahusted my first trimester that I could fall asleep within minutes of laying down, or reclining, or leaning to the far as the girls - I found that compresses help when the aches get really bad (the girls, and exahustion are my first signs of pregnancy) Hang in the girly - it will get better. Remember to go with what you feel,your body knows what it is telling you - and if you have any concerns call your doctor - that is why the doctor is there. My second pregnancy was a little troubled becasue of work related stress so I had many conversations with my doctors nurse, and my doctor for that matter. Just like these other wise ladies said better safe than sorry - when in doubt ask!!! Congratulations on your pregnancy - please PM if you ever have anything you have the urge to talk about.....

    PS - get sleep!!!!Don't fight it - you will be up plenty in the end of your pregnancy & then with your little one. At least if you get alot of sleep now you can look back on the beginning of your pregnacy with a little fondness - of when you actually got sleep .........